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I started out with Avon because I love a discount and online shopping. Trying new beauty products is fun and shopping in the store with 3 kids isn’t exactly leisurely!

So the Avon catalog (and website) get a big ol’ AvonOvation from me. Sorry not sorry for that! Oh and here are my links if you don’t feel like reading and scrolling and scrolling…

It is great how easy it is to shop for gifts for your entire family. I took a break from Avon for about 2 years and it was pretty challenging to keep up with gift buying for every occasion. If you are trying to save money, you should know that representatives get a discount. I understand if being an Avon Rep isn’t for you and my website is open whenever you feel like shopping. Have you seen Avon’s new digital catalog yet?

I will do my best to keep you updated on the coolest products! Avon is really bringing it with their LUXURY LINES this year and their new virtual makeover tool is super fun. On the Avon website look for the try it on button under the product picture to try out the virtual makeover tool.

Need some extra help? Just send me a message with your questions and I will try to answer ASAP.

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I am thrilled to build my business one happy customer at a time. This is the first year I have tried marketing my Avon online and so far so good.

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I will continue to post product information and also let everyone know how my business is progressing.

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Have you ever thought you would make a good personal shopper? Does being a brand ambassador seem like the perfect job?

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