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Depending on what type of content you like you may prefer to follow me on one platform vs another. You could follow all my platforms and that wouldn’t make me sad but I know I like certain kinds of content vs another. I find it helpful if someone explains to me what type of entertainment and information I am most likely to find on a particular platform.

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I post often on Instagram because it’s easy to reach new people through hashtags. The site is flexible offering a good way to display both images and videos. The big limitations are that videos either have to be short (1 min long) or shot vertically to upload to IGTV. Instagram also gives you generous space to write whatever is on your mind but if you were looking for a direct links to a specific pages and products you should follow me on another platform as well.

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Twitter‘s best and worst feature of it’s site is it’s limitation of words. I don’t write as much here for obvious reasons but I can write often and share direct links. The videos on twitter are also short and I have found that their censorship of media is extra sensitive. I’m not sad twitter is erring on the side of caution with their content though and twitter makes it super easy to connect with like-minded people through hashtags. Also the #WritingCommunity is super supportive on twitter so that makes sharing here really fun!

This was my very first post on youtube as CraftingGlow. I use youtube to post longer (horizontally filmed) video reviews and tutorials. Youtube videos are good for embedding and there is space to write descriptions and direct links. I find it challenging to organize the videos in a user friendly manner but I may start experimenting with youtube hashtags for better organization.

Facebook is great for showing many different types of media. Facebook pages and groups seem to grow a little slower due to the way people use their facebook, and hashtags don’t seem as effective on here. It is my first choice to build a community though because it makes chatting and sharing information so easy.

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Pinterest is super fun. It’s description visibility isn’t the best but pinterest is wonderful for sharing specific interests! People love to organize recipes, craft inspiration, and so much more. As you can see I like organizing and archiving ideas and information myself. I have a lot of boards and I love pinning cool information and projects to revisit later.

LinkedIn is a powerful business networking site. It’s easy to connect with people in specific fields to grow both communities and businesses. I also like that if I need an expert in a specific arena it’s easy to find people with that exact talent.

Snapchat is a fun (slightly confusing) platform that makes sharing little pieces of your day easy (Once you get the hang of it lol). It’s a great platform for telling short stories in a really dynamic and fun way. Plus it’s just fun to be silly and this platform seems to encourage it.

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