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My Amazon Merch Designs, Sales, & Working on Tiering Up from Tier 1!

So I created a post to display my Amazon Merch designs because I couldn’t find a way to put my designs all in one place due to the clothing and phone accessories being in different categories and only displaying on separate pages. So this page displays all of my Merch designs on one page!

Since I am working on moving up to the next tier of Amazon merch I made a little graphic to keep track and share where I am in that goal (more on that later in the post).

Rainbow Tree of Life Zip Hoodie & Womens Rainbow Tree of Life V-Neck T-Shirt

The Rainbow Tree of Life design was a collaboration with my daughter. She brought home a painting from school and I asked to convert it to a digital design to use on products. I put it on every product available at 1st but since I only have 10 design slots available I am slowly taking down the Rainbow Tree products and adding new designs.

Strange Road Pullover Hoodie & Rainbow Tree of Life Pullover Hoodie

The Strange Road design is an old design I just uploaded recently. Sorry iphone users, I had to take down a product and I chose the Rainbow Tree of Life iPhone cover to pull down in order to add the Strange Road design. I think the next item on the chopping block is going to be the Rainbow Tree regular t-shirt because I like v neck tees better.

Rainbow Tree of Life Long Sleeve T-Shirt & Rainbow Tree of Life Raglan Baseball Tee

I might bring back some of the old designs once I move to the next tier of Amazon but no guarantees on that because with the next tier you can only submit 25 designs until you sell 100 items. After I sell 100 items I’ll be at tier 3 and able to submit 100 designs so I figure that will keep me busy for awhile!

Rainbow Tree of Life T-Shirt & Rainbow Tree of Life Tank Top

So if you want the Rainbow Tree of Life design on something specific get it quick or let me know that you need me to keep it up for a hot minute. I’m not going to pull things down super quick or anything but as I finish designs I’ll have to pull down an item to add the new design to my store.

Rainbow Tree of Life PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets & Galaxy S10 Rainbow Tree of Life Case

Here are the elusive phone accessories that I couldn’t get to display with my clothing designs. Not sure why but I’ll check back later and see if everything will display together. For now this post will do to feature all the products I have available and I’ll keep it updated as I add designs and make sales.

Amazon Merch Goals!

So far I have “sold” 7 of products with our designs on them and we bought 3 of those ourselves. Honestly I was excited to sell any at all because these were designs that were personal to us and we were just experimenting and playing.

Working on moving to Amazon Merch Tier 2 where I will be able to submit 25 designs instead of just 10! I had fun making this this Goal-mometer graphic for this post too.

Now that I have a little experience with Print on Demand and have been using graphic design tools again I’m excited to add more designs and maybe some of them will even have more of a purpose other than just for fun. Or I might just nerd out some more on things that amuse me…

If you need designs made for work, your band, or your organization send me a message! I’d gladly take on some design work at no cost, especially if your company or organization will buy shirts (or hoodies) and it helps me to get closer to the next tier!

If you do purchase some of our products please consider leaving us a review on Amazon. It helps us sell more designs if people leave nice reviews and show photos or videos of the actual products.

Thanks so much for checking out our designs and reading about our goals. If you want to learn more about designing for Amazon Merch check out my post Dishing All the Details about Amazon Merch.

I hope everyone is staying happy, healthy, and well! Take care and thanks again!

Kat @CraftingGlow

Please pin to design and shopping boards, thanks!

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