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Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

The best silver bracelets found on Amazon. Once upon a time, long long ago, my grandmother bought my cousin and I silver bracelets. It was a very nice gift and I wore that bracelet for years! It had an inscription that read "Love Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandparent)". I didn't know it would be my favorite… Continue reading Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

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Harry Potter Gift Ideas & More!

In honor of being able to watch all the Harry Potter movies for free on Peacock until Halloween, I decided to see what cool Harry Potter items I could find on Amazon. So now our Potter marathon has started, and yours can too! Your welcome!! So my Harry Potter fandom started when I received a… Continue reading Harry Potter Gift Ideas & More!

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The Best Waffle Maker (Why I Bought it, & What’s So Special About It)

Whether you are staying home for covid or are eating gluten free, Belgian waffles are a wonderful treat that is easier and cheaper to get then you'd think. So maybe in other years lack of being able to eat waffles wouldn't be a big issue for most. You would be able to walk-in to your… Continue reading The Best Waffle Maker (Why I Bought it, & What’s So Special About It)

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My Amazon Prime Picks for 2020!

Check out my favorite deals of the day! Lightening Deal - Cute Long Sleeve Raglan Shirt I put this shirt 1st because it's a lightening deal that expires soon. I love this style and these colors. The only prime deal I saw was in the, " Bb Blue" in size Medium 11-in-1 Pressure Cooker! So if… Continue reading My Amazon Prime Picks for 2020!

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Cute Crochet Gifts (for yourself) or a Fellow Crochetter

*If you don't feel like reading feel free to scroll down to the products pictures* I am so excited to be part of the Amazon Affiliate program now. I mean I built a website in order to join, so you bet your home-made blanket I am jumping for joy! So of course the 1st product… Continue reading Cute Crochet Gifts (for yourself) or a Fellow Crochetter