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If You Want to Destroy My Sweater…

If you recognized that as a Weezer song good for you! It's one of my favorites. Maybe because of the subject matter but most of all because it's fun to sing. Why am I repairing this sweater when I have too many already? Well because it's one of my favorites. I love a good hoodie… Continue reading If You Want to Destroy My Sweater…

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Quick Repairs During TV Time

Well my craft time has been uber limited lately unless you consider organizing and de-cluttering a craft project. I do in many ways but I prefer other creative activities. I need more space and less stuff so I keep at it! This was a clothing item that is too small for my daughter but she… Continue reading Quick Repairs During TV Time

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Green Screen Tiktok Video – Jeans Fail to Jeans Win

I used my jeans hemming project as an excuse to try out green screen video on video. Woohoo! I finally broke 1,000 views on Tiktok, which may not be much but it’s new for me! Anyway I wanted an excuse to practice some green screen effects because I just found out Inshot has this feature.… Continue reading Green Screen Tiktok Video – Jeans Fail to Jeans Win

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Easy Dollar Tree Hand-Sewing Craft for Kids “Hanging Doormouse Cat Toy”

My daughter found this book at the local library and instantly thought to make the Hanging "Doormouse" project for her best friend who is a fellow cat-lover. *Sewing involves pointy objects so sew at your own risk and make sure you discuss safety with your proteges (young ones).* As a parent I really enjoyed this… Continue reading Easy Dollar Tree Hand-Sewing Craft for Kids “Hanging Doormouse Cat Toy”

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Holiday Kitchen Towel Sewing Project

Dollar Tree Hanging Kitchen Towel Sewing Project 🙂 This is a Dollar Tree sewing craft I learned from Grandma this year when she hurt her foot and wasn't able to sew her Christmas gifts on her sewing machine like she does every year. Crafting and sewing seems to be something that is shared. Grandma got… Continue reading Holiday Kitchen Towel Sewing Project

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DIY Bun Cover for Dancers & a Few Beautiful Snoods on Amazon

Have you ever considered making your own bun cover or snood? *Detailed Instructions Below* Making a snood, or bun cover, for our beautiful ballerina. Connecting During Recital Week So last week was recital week over here! My 10 year old has been taking dance classes since she was 5 years old. This year she graduated… Continue reading DIY Bun Cover for Dancers & a Few Beautiful Snoods on Amazon

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Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"

My beginner sewing projects: So many curtains & a pair of moderately successful maternity pants. After my obsessive search for sewing knowledge (Click here to see my Learning to Sew Post), I bought the cutest sewing machine I could afford at Walmart. I made sure it had a zigzag stitch and a button hole feature.… Continue reading Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"

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Learn to Sew Using Free Resources

Starting to Sew: My Beginning Did you learn to sew in home economics? They were still offering that class when I was in school. I did take the class the 1st year it was required, but I chose tech ed when it became optional the 2nd year. I wasn't really into cooking and I really… Continue reading Learn to Sew Using Free Resources