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Holiday Kitchen Towel Sewing Project

Dollar Tree Hanging Kitchen Towel Sewing Project 🙂

This is a Dollar Tree sewing craft I learned from Grandma this year when she hurt her foot and wasn’t able to sew her Christmas gifts on her sewing machine like she does every year.

Crafting and sewing seems to be something that is shared. Grandma got a gift from a friend named Ann Bert and learned that her Ann’s mom had made the hanging kitchen towels. Grandma asked if Ann’s mom minded if she made them too. Both Ann and her mom have passed on since but their sewing craft lives on and we hope that other people like this method for making hanging hand towels as much as we do!

These hanging towels are super inexpensive and are generally less than $2 (unless you get crazy expensive buttons lol). Once you get quick at them they take around 15 minutes to make, even with hand sewing on the button.

You still have time to get these done this season if you were looking for a cute “handmade” gift for friends and family. Thanks for watching!

I don’t measure, or iron, and I just make gathers by hand on both sides so that the print doesn’t disappear into the ruffles.

The selection of holiday prints at the Dollar Tree is almost out!

This is what I found that was left:

Holiday Printed Hand Towels –

Red Cotton Potholders (12 oven gloves, 12 – 2 pk oven mitts) –

Kitchen Towels Still Available:

Potholders –

Since the Dollar Tree doesn’t carry buttons (at the time of this post) here are some 1″ diameter clear buttons from Amazon.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s a lot easier to make these if you have a sewing machine with decent feed dogs so it’s easier to get the bunched up fabric to move under your sewing machine foot. I pull the fabric taught from both sides to get it to slide under the foot a little easier.

Oh and these gnomes are just dear if you are looking for an adorable and trendy Christmas ornament gift to give this season.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope that you have a good time making these hanging kitchen towels.

A special thanks to Grandma for talking me through this, and to Ann Burt’s family for sharing their knowledge!

Happy Holidays,

Kat @CraftingGlow

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Dollar Tree Hanging Kitchen Towel Sewing Project 🙂

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