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Gift Ideas for Kids With Too Many Big Toys

My kids rooms are full to brimming with toys and I am always looking for creative gifts that will excite but not add more mess to the meyhem.

Dollar Tree Make-It Blocks

Lego dudes seem to disappear at a rapid rate at our house. These are an inexpensive option and will store in a small space.

Make It Blocks are Lego compatible, available at Dollar Tree, and you get 2 characters for your $1.

Order them here direct to you or site to store if you think your local store might be sold out.

If your kids are like our kids they just can’t get enough of building and making up stories with their block men and women.

These guys have more range of motion than regular Lego men and my kids were so excited when I got them for my son’s birthday.

Not all Make It Block figures have ball joints that allow them to do sidekicks, but I know that these do.

These are great for stocking stuffers and for adding gift for under the tree. My kids were excited and I hope the kiddos you adore will be too.

Also the building sets are great and add more variety to their block stash. You may want to order for store pick-up or get them shipped directly to you. Availability around Christmas is always hit and miss and things go out of stock all the time.

Amazon Items (Click on the Pictures to View the Item on Amazon)

The rest of this stuff is from Amazon because I did a ton of shopping online this year. With everything going on it seemed like the easiest way and so much quicker.

I will say that I ordered a lot last week so I would have a better chance of receiving my items in time for Christmas but a lot of the prices dropped since last week. So I paid more for a lot of my items for piece of mind lol.

This Nerf Tactical Kit with Vest and goggles is on lightening sale right now (at the time of this post). Yes I would also consider this a toy but it’s also dress up and includes some safety glasses which we also seem to lose at our house.

We bought this other set last week so I paid more and got glasses instead of goggles but I like the skull bandana better so I’m not too sad about it.

I bought these for both my 8 year old son and my 11 year old daughter and I know they are both going to want to play with them right away!

This STEM Snap Circuit experiment box has been sitting in our cart since last year around Christmas and we just hadn’t ordered it yet.

This was one thing that we didn’t order last week. I saw the price drop through an Amazon notifications and decided it was time to snatch it up. My kids don’t have anything like this yet so I thought it was high time to add this to their activity collection.

I know my kids are gonna be super excited about this and if the weather is crappy and they can’t use their new nerf vests right away,, this gift will save the day. With over 100 projects I know there will be something they are excited about building.

I recommended this Pac-Man Tamagotchi, to my brother, as a Christmas gift for both my kiddos.

He was looking for gifts around $20 that we thought the kids would love. These looked good because they included a mini-game as well as caring for the Tamagotchi.

It’s a small toy that is easily carried while running errands or traveling, and the mini-game will hopefully keep them entertained when their Tamagotchi doesn’t require attention.

We got this black pac-man Tamagotchi last week at $20 and of course the price dropped since then. We didn’t even see the yellow one with the Pac-man figure. I’m sure the kids would have loved it and you get more for the same price that we paid for the black one.

Are these stuffed animal storage chairs a gift for the kids or a gift for mom? I had been watching for bean bag liners for quite awhile waiting for them to drop in price.

This is the lowest price I have ever seen and if I bought 3 I got an even better price! I hope it’s big enough to be a chair for my adult sized 11 year old but if not I am sure she will use it as a giant pillow!

Playing cards are a hot commodity in our house! Since the kids don’t take wonderful care of their games, this could almost be a yearly gift for my kids, nieces, and nephews.

We figured it was about time to order cards again because the kids’ playing cards were pretty ratty and I think the baby may have chewed on a few…

So I bought a similar rug for my daughter’s birthday. She loved it and when my nieces saw it they loved it too! I wish I could have gotten them the bigger rugs but maybe when they are a little older and their items last a little longer.

My son actually loves the fuzzy rugs too but we are buying a big family gift this year so I’m going to wait to get him a rug. When I get him one I am looking at this type. I know he’d love to lay on his rug while reading and playing video games.

So my autistic brother actually asked for this as a gift but he and the kids have similar interests and I know they will be playing this together.

With 500 games on it I know there will be a game that appeals to everyone in my house. It’s a little bit of a higher price item but I know it will be worth the money we spent on it.

Art supplies are always in demand at our house and it’s hard to tell who will use these acrylic paint markers more, us or the kids? I do know that they will come in handy for painting rocks and painting items Billy prints with his 3D printer.

These still will stain like other acrylic paint but they should make less of a mess than the regular paint with the paint water. I might even feel comfortable letting the kids paint inside with these, usually I make them go out on the back deck.

While I am on the subject of crafty things, these Wonder Clips are great for sewing, piecing together paper projects, and many other things.

I wanted some for sewing because I don’t always want to use pins. I know that I will use them but I suspect my kids might use them even more often than I do.

So I know most people aren’t buying memory foam mattress toppers for their kid’s mattresses but our kids both really wanted one.

Now we have zip on mattress protectors that the kids don’t remove and I trust that they won’t mess with the memory foam uncovered.

If you have kids that are likely to try to unzipper their mattress cover and mess with the memory foam this may not be a great fit for you.

My kids love our memory foam bed, so we decided to get memory foam toppers for them this year after they both wanted the one that we got for Nana’s hospital bed. I know they are going to be super excited about receiving them!

This last gift is for my lovely daughter who I know will have a fun time with these. She loves the idea of curling her hair but isn’t ready for a curling iron yet.

I might have bought the curl formers version but the different colors cost so much for the brand name especially when you are looking for the ones for long hair.

These were less expensive and I’ll have to let you know how well they work later on. I figured we would see how often she used them before springing for a more expensive version. I really thought she’d like the fun rainbow look and be excited about these!

Wrap It Up!

I hope this post gave you some great gift ideas for the awesome kiddos in your life! If you have some other ideas for kids that have too many toys, leave it in the comments!

Oh and if you were wondering about our big family gift we are giving the kids homemade coupons toward an Oculus.

Unfortunately this seemed to be the hot item this season and they sold out until after Christmas. Since I don’t want to spend a fortune on an item we can get cheaper after Christmas, I figured I would give them each a coupon towards the Oculus.

Since my daughter is already saving towards one I know she will be excited for the coupon itself. Once she figures out her brother got one too she will get even more excited that they are even closer to the purchase.

She really really wants an Oculus because she already enjoys designing games on Tynker and has now moved up to doing tutorials on Unity.

She says you can design Virtual Reality games with Unity that you can play on the Oculus so she really really really wanted an Oculus.

While this might be jumping ahead since she hasn’t put in much time on Unity I like encouraging my kids to learn the skills they are motivated to learn.

After all the excitement about the Oculus coupons dies down, we are going to tell them that us parents are throwing in the rest of it and we will order it together.

I know this will be an exciting gift and although they don’t receive it directly at Christmas I know that it will be a nice experience anyway.

They get the excitement of ordering the gift that was at the top of their list. They will be entertained with all their other Christmas items while they wait for their oculus to ship in, and I love that I don’t have to pay extra to try and get it before Christmas!

Well I hope everyone is happy and healthy this holiday season. Thanks for reading with me today!

Kat @craftingglow

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