Hi! I’m Kat and I created the CraftingGlow website as a place to share my love of arts and crafts while living a messy but beautiful life. Our mission is to have fun and inspire people to grow artistically and develop problem-solving skills. Life is complicated, good incomes are hard to come by, and staying cheerful and driven can be a struggle.

My dream for this site is to share creative stories about rising to the occasion and living the best life possible in spite of challenges life throws our way. I know I wouldn’t be running this website and writing this blog if I didn’t have a knack for making learning new skills fun and I have BIG PLANS!

This is my super fun hobby that I hope will turn into a significant source of income someday. You are helping my family (and more) just by checking out my stories. In exchange I will provide real content to entertain, uplift, and teach fun skills that you can take to your life and career to “up your game”.

I know that I am always trying to improve but equally I am trying not to beat myself up about not being better, faster, more mature, and better “put together”. A sense of humor is key in this process and you will notice I love to laugh.

In my product-related content I strive to recommend products I believe to be of value and that greatly improve quality of life, but I also have a weakness for things that are cute, shiny, or make me laugh so don’t be surprised if I post about something wacky! (I’m keeping it PG-13 because I don’t want to embarrass anyone, or be embarrassed, when my kids, family, and friends read posts!)

I also want to highlight and feature other creatives and artists too. If you would like to collaborate, be featured, or write a guest post please send me a message! I truly believe everyone is blessed with gifts and sometimes our own personal challenges make those gifts even more beautiful. You don’t have to be perfect to share inspiring stories here.

Please join the CraftingGlow Mailing List to receive a few emails a month inviting you to check-in and see what’s new. Also connect via social media to see the crazy creative process in-motion and to be part of the action! If you find posts helpful or inspiring please pin and share to help us grow!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We look forward to hearing your stories about your projects, processes, and experiences too.

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CraftingGlow Features Fun!

Craft is a skilled creation made by hand. I chose craft because all kinds of projects are amazing and fun to talk about.

The reason I chose Glow is because creation has a healing effect and boosts self-confidence.

Arts and crafts are important! Crafting is calming and brings long-lasting enjoyment.

CraftingGlow is a place for celebrating the many ways we can craft a better life.

If you are an enthusiastic and crafty individual who would like to share their creative side with a supportive and fun group…

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No perfection needed! We are about going with the flow and enjoying the process!

Reasons to Craft

  • Learn a New Skill
  • Repetitive Motion is Relaxing
  • It Teaches Problem-Solving
  • Crafting Improves Self-Esteem
  • Personalizing Items is Fun
  • Give One of a Kind Gifts
  • Create Home and Holiday Decor
  • Create Food Masterpieces
  • Connect with Friends and Family
  • Or Enjoy Crafts Alone
  • Explore Painful Emotions
  • Express Difficult Feelings
  • Enjoy Being a Teacher and a Student
  • Play and Explore with Technique and Color
  • Capture a Beautiful Moment
  • Create Community
  • Tell a Story
  • Freeze a Moment in Time
  • Capture a Feeling

How To Get a Shout-Out or Be a Guest Blogger on CraftingGlow

My dream is to grow a huge community of supportive crafters and artists of all types. My family and friends enjoy watching different kinds of arts, crafts, and designs and getting inspired. PG and PG-13 rated arts and crafts are welcome here. Painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, photography, building models, clay work, design, remodeling, and interior design are just some of the types of content I wish to share on this page.

I don’t mind featuring artists that have adult content in their own galleries but since this is a family business (and I want my kids and nieces involved) we will only feature pieces that are on the family-friendly spectrum. That being said we have a fairly good sense of humor over here. If you aren’t sure what “family friendly” means to us, send me a message so we can chat. *Contact form below*


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