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Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m just beginning design again after some time off working in a different field. Some of my work is from design school and was created using the Adobe Creative Suite. The more recent work I have been using a lot of the free and open-source programs on the market.

I Love Media as a Method to Teach and to Learn!

Below you will find some of my school assignments showing a range of techniques that teach, capture a feeling, plan a design, or convey information. As I do more work I plan to update this page with my newest projects.


1. Typography Study Info-graphic
2. Promotional flier for Shippensburg
3. A Color-Study Digital Illustration
4. Web Design Improvement Goals
5. Web Design Improvement Mock-Up (Model)
6. Landscape Illustration using a Horizon Line and Vanishing Point
7. Website Architecture Map
8. 3D Shapes Illustration using a Horizon Line and Vanishing Point
9. Digital Illustration with a Cool to Warm Color Theme

VIDEOGRAPHY is an amazing medium because you can touch peoples heart in an instant. Video can also be used to take a more complicated process and turn it into an easy to understand video tutorial.

This was a home video I shot and quickly edited into a short video. This video was my first experiment in filming tutorials. I wasn’t striving for perfection I was just trying out some techniques. I have learned a lot since then but still enjoy looking back on where I started. Please excuse the places where the video is shaky, I was holding our 7 month old baby while shooting video and snapping pictures!

Refinishing an old school desk.

In this next video I taught my kids to flip on the swings. Knowing that Instagram replays the video over and over, I edited the video to play forward and then backward to create my own boomerang effect. The video looks best when viewed directly on Instagram because it plays on repeat and it creates a fun effect to watch.

Music and sound can be enjoyed alone or add so much to a moment. Adding music to this moment emphasized the effort and skill it takes to jump for joy.

GRAPHIC DESIGN is a fun challenge of conveying all the required information, in a design that is eye catching, and easy to understand.

This was an infographic assignment requiring a “background confusion” color theme. Background confusion refers to the background and foreground colors alternating in the design.

I many never be great at Animation but I have so much fun experimenting with different animations. I love to make quick little cartoon-y drawings for my own amusement. For example I drew this spider one day while teaching my kids some animation basics. We had such a great time and the kids were pretty impressed with my skills, for once!

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