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Dr. Belmeur Spot Healing Patches & Treating My Adult Acne

Me using Dr. Belmeur Spot Treatment Patches and Bubble Foaming Cleanser

So I have had adult acne pretty much the entire time I have been an adult. I have sensitive skin so it’s hard to find products that don’t make my skin worse instead of better. I am loving that Avon is offering more products with less or no fragrance. It’s like they heard my plea.

If you want to watch a video to hear my thoughts on these products instead here is the video

(I’ll embed it in the blog later when I am back at my computer)

Spot treating works best for me because treating my whole face with multiple acne products tends to dry out my skin even more.

Sometimes using less acne products will actually reduce acne. Figuring it out is a lot about diagnosing what kind of skin you have and trying out products based on your biggest skin issue.

Before I found Dr. Belmeur’s spot healing patches I was using a Melaleuca products called Clarify that containes tea tree and salicylic acid. It came in a roller ball vial and I had to put it on my breakout several times a day to shrink the pimple.

Dr. Belmeur’s patches do the same job for up to 12 hours, and they cover the pimple to keep dirt and germs from prolonging the acne.

Pros of the Melaleuca roll on is that you can use it during the day if you aren’t wearing makeup and go out without anything stuck to your face. Personally I will wear my patch to work but only because I see the same 6 ladies everyday. 😆

The patches blend in well enough on my face that I keep them on through my night of sleep and into my work morning to get the full 12 hours out of them. I want that zit to shrink as fast as possible, yesterday would be nice…

Wearing a Dr. Belmeur Spot Treatment Patch at work, can you tell?

I love using these and my existing skin care routine is the best I have found in years. Three weeks without a zit for me is like a lifetime! 😆

The other products I have been using are the Anew Moisturizing Cream Cleanser and Mask, and Dr. Belmeur’s Foaming Cleanser with amino acids.

My Skin Care products at the moment are Belif Moisture Bomb, Anew Clean Cream Cleanser & Mask, Dr. Belmeur’s Foaming Cleanser, & Dr. Belmeur’s Spot Treatment Patches

My absolute favorite skin care product right now though is my Belif Moisturizing Bomb. It has done so much to heal my dry skin and this has helped reduce the number of breakouts I have.

For me treating my dry skin actually prevented more acne then just using acne products.It has been wonderful to have full weeks of blemish free skin.

I am so excited about not breaking out all the time that I am going to try adding a foundation and a chemical exfoliant to my routine and see if I can’t make my skin look even better!

Do you struggle with acne? Have acne systems worked for you or have you had to try a more alle carte method?

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Links posted below!

Dr. Belmeur Spot Healing Patches
Dr Belmeur Bubble Foaming Cleanser

Avon Anew Clean Cream Face Cleanser
TheFaceShop Belif Moisture Bomb Face Cream

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