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Corona Virus Confusion

Corona virus sign outside the hospital when my mom was discharged from her latest lung exacerbation.

So last night we got a call from a family member that there was a confirmed case of corona virus in our county.

No surprise there but it was occasion to go out and buy a few things that will probably fly off the shelf. Billy went to our local DG (Dollar General) to stock up on milk, toilet paper, some canned foods, and some cough meds.

He grabbed my autistic brother who lives a few doors down some spaghetti sauce, and some turkey lunch meat. We asked my mom if she needed anything but as she just got out of the hospital we had already stocked up on the things she uses.

We are trying not to panic but we are the demographic that should panic. We have an immune compromised older adult with 3 lung conditions, an oxygen machine, and we just got her out of the hospital for her third lung “exacerbation” of the season.

Rex, my autistic bro, has crohn’s disease so he is on an immune suppressant. Billy, my honey❤, has psoriatic arthritis and is on a different immune suppressant for his condition.

Then there is the baby, who is not really a baby anymore at 18 months but she still doesn’t do sick well. She had a horrible chest virus last month and we couldn’t get her to cough up the junk for anything.

So now I am just trying to live my life knowing one wrong miss-step on my part could cause a sh** storm that could have some serious and heavy consequences.

How do you stop the spread of a virus without hibernating though? So with these thoughts rolling around in my head, of course I woke up today with a sore throat, and a tickle in my chest.

I have felt it coming on for 24 hours. I have 3 kids with after school activities, I work, and I am in and out of the hospital with my mom. Of course I would catch a cold.

I do have a sense of guilt about going out like this though. Like what if it’s more than what I think? I’m convinced the corona virus has been roaming the streets of the US like a sneaky bandit for over a month now.

I mean it lasts almost 30 days (or 9 days depending on which researcher is talking) on an object and we get all kinds of stuff shipped from overseas. I was positive it was here before the media confirmed that someone in our county tested positive.

So anyway I called my dermatologist to say I woke up with a cold and it was their choice to have me come in or cancel my appointment. They said come on in and adult behavior of washing hands and not coughing on people is appreciated.😆

I think when I take mom to her prolastin appt this afternoon we will both be wearing a mask. Her so she doesn’t catch anything and me so I won’t give anything away.

Anyway this is our life now. I find it ironic that mom’s worst “lung” year is followed by the worst respiratory illness we have seen in years. Thanks for that universe, just one more thing to make me paranoid.

Anyway mom breaths so much better in spring so I am willing the season to come in faster. There isn’t much anyone can do besides practice good hygiene, stay hydrated, sleep well, eat well, and do all the things to support your immune system.

Good luck out there everyone. Stay safe and hygienic, and wear a mask if you need one. I will be over here praying, putting one foot in front of the other, and making decisions one at a time.

Signing off,



Corona virus tent outside of the Emergency Room when I took my mom to her appointment.

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