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Pogo Sticks, Learning to Jump, & Impressing My Kids

I'm not gonna lie, it's not easy to impress my kids these days. They are usually much more impressed by dad who builds things and fixes everything. Enter our 20 year old pogo stick which still works but isn't in any kind of condition for a person over 50 lbs. My son had found it… Continue reading Pogo Sticks, Learning to Jump, & Impressing My Kids

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Easy Dollar Tree Hand-Sewing Craft for Kids “Hanging Doormouse Cat Toy”

My daughter found this book at the local library and instantly thought to make the Hanging "Doormouse" project for her best friend who is a fellow cat-lover. *Sewing involves pointy objects so sew at your own risk and make sure you discuss safety with your proteges (young ones).* As a parent I really enjoyed this… Continue reading Easy Dollar Tree Hand-Sewing Craft for Kids “Hanging Doormouse Cat Toy”

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Goal Setting in 2021 & 2020 Re-Cap

The Blue Sky Planner I bought last year. I wanted to highlight the artist Mia Charro who did the illustration on this planner😁 Thinking about trying to do a year in review is giving me a headache so let's just start by putting that out there. Since I was wondering how many goals I checked… Continue reading Goal Setting in 2021 & 2020 Re-Cap

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Capturing Pregnancy Memories with a Maternity Photo Shoot

Why would I do a maternity photo shoot on my 3rd pregnancy? I hadn't had any professional photos taken when carrying my 1st or 2nd child. Why now? Did I have fun? Do I love the photos? Why did it take me over a year and a half to write this post?! Read on for… Continue reading Capturing Pregnancy Memories with a Maternity Photo Shoot

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Keeping Our Cool During Covid

My apologies for being less active on the interwebs lately. I have been trying to add a classroom space to my office space/craft room. The room was already stuffed to the gills and it took some work to make a school space as well as the multi-purpose room it already was. On the plus side… Continue reading Keeping Our Cool During Covid

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Backyard Teepee for Under $10

So I am lucky enough to have grown up in a house with a big yard. Although it comes with a lot of yard work, I grew up having a ton of fun and my kids have a blast here too! We have hordes of bamboo that grows very fast and needs cut back multiple… Continue reading Backyard Teepee for Under $10

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Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"

My beginner sewing projects: So many curtains & a pair of moderately successful maternity pants. After my obsessive search for sewing knowledge (Click here to see my Learning to Sew Post), I bought the cutest sewing machine I could afford at Walmart. I made sure it had a zigzag stitch and a button hole feature.… Continue reading Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"