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Keeping Our Cool During Covid

My apologies for being less active on the interwebs lately. I have been trying to add a classroom space to my office space/craft room.

The room was already stuffed to the gills and it took some work to make a school space as well as the multi-purpose room it already was.

On the plus side we don’t have to leave the room to do art or home ec. Unless we are wanting to do our projects outside for the day.

I’ve also been learning how to work a 40 hr week at home with kids in the same room. Let’s just say it’s challenging and ear buds are a life saver!

Anyway I have still been crafting on my own and with the kiddos. I will try to be better at posting regularly moving forward. I’ve just been in survival mode trying to figure out a new daily system for our family.

Honestly our transition has happened a lot more smoothly than I expected. I really appreciate that so much considering the upheaval the world is experiencing. We have had some very hard days but all things considered we feel fortunate to have each other to make the days better.

I also feel fortunate that our school district decided not to make school mandatory but still provides activities for the kids.

We have still been acting like school work needs done so that the kids get practice doing school from home.

We feel like the practice is important in case school closings extend to next year too, but at the end of the day there isn’t much pressure if an assignment takes a little longer than it is supposed to. This makes it easy for us to plan our projects around the weather and my work schedule.

So this is just one of the crafty projects I have done during quarentine. Like I said I will try and post more and more often now that we have done some much needed adjusting to the new way of things.

Technicolor Forest Gnome Baby Slippers😆😍

These were inspired by my hatred of trying to locate baby socks! I swear the dryer eats them and if it doesn’t we find a surprise baby sock up someone’s sleeve but when it’s time to put on shoes and socks there is nary a sock to be found.

I used to do all the baby’s laundry and put all baby socks in a lingerie bag but when the kids do the laundry it’s hard enough to get them to turn on the dryer after they load wet clothes into it. Lack of focus is an uphill battle when it comes to completing chores😆

My solution to the cold baby foot problem was to whip up the brightest pair of forest gnome slippers ever! Thank goodness my baby girl can make any design look cute.

These slippers were just my end of the night quiet time project. I didn’t count stitches and yes, one ended up a little bigger then the other, whoops lol. Since I put ties on them the size difference is barely noticeable. They look a lot like Peter Pan’s shoes now that I have adjusted the “shoelaces” except Peter Pan’s shoes weren’t technicolor!

Does it matter that the slippers aren’t perfectly perfect? Nope, not a bit. They are still cozy and she loves them, and the blanket made by Grandma Barb makes a beautiful background. It’s the little things that make us happy over here.

I do hope everyone is doing well and finding creative ways to have fun and lift your spirits. Let me know what you are creating these days whether it’s a garden, indoor space, pot holders, or digital paintings. All creativity counts according to my opinion!

Take care!

Kat & Family

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