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Showing Love with a Book Series & How to Avoid Borrowing & Lending Books

Spreading some love by ordering a book series that other family members love.

So while under quarantine we have made sure to follow the rules and only go out when necessary. Today my niece and nephew are here because their mom needed someone to watch them during a prenatal appointment.

My daughter is an avid reader and can breeze through a book series in no time if she is interested. My niece is also really getting into reading now. She breezed through the Chronicles of Narnia and loved it!

So being the book lover that I am, I wanted to get the series for my daughter. Hopefully her and my niece can love the book series together.

They were talking about borrowing and exchanging books, but I am discouraging that right now. Alas 10 year olds just aren’t reliably responsible.

My daughter gets particularly peeved when items are not returned to her but she never thinks of this when offering to lend books. Anyway I buy 2nd hand books so that a lost book isn’t such a tragedy.

Back to spreading love through books, my daughter already shares a love of Harry Potter with me and another cousin. It’s so fun to be able to talk to people about the books you love. Because of this, I wanted to encourage that type of relationship with her and her cousin who loves Narnia so much.

I decided to shop around and see if I could purchase the book series for relatively cheap. Money doesn’t grow on trees and there is lots of time to fill lately. So that means I have to stretch my entertainment budget as far as it will go.

Mercari for the Win

The prices I found when I Google searched the book series seemed to be around $25 used up to $70ish for new special editions. I love the Mercari app though because it’s a giant rummage sale that ships directly to you.

Items ship quickly, and the app makes it easy to communicate with sellers. You can make offers on products you are interested in, but aren’t willing to pay the posted price for the product.

Mercari also provides notifications when items ship and where they are in transit. In general it is a fun shopping experience and you can score some fabulous deals.

I found the whole Narnia book series for less than $16. The book box looks a little messed up and I can’t guarantee there won’t be any missing pages but that is something that could happen if I bought books at the local Goodwill.

Here is where I scored the Chronicles of Narnia Box Set for under $16 and greased the wheels for my daughter and niece to become book buddies.

Now am I saying I won’t buy this series new at some point? Heck no! If my daughter loves the series there is a good chance we will by her a new set of books and then she will have a set to loan or give away. Although sometimes the old set is better than the new, so new may not be necessary.

All in all I am pretty happy with the idea of the purchase. We shall see if the experience lives up to my expectation when the books get here. At that time I can update my post about them. I buy used books fairly frequently so I am pretty confident we will be happy with the books we receive.

My daughter won’t have to worry about not making crease marks in a new book and she won’t have to wait for the next book to ship in.

Not having to wait to read the next book in the series can be dangerous though. She has been known to avoid chores to read from time to time. I wonder where she got this from. *raises hand and ducks head* Lol!

Anyway this isn’t a post about chore motivation! So if you haven’t checked out Mercari, please check it out and sign up here. If you use my link to sign up you get $10 to spend right away.

Full Disclosure: I believe you have to make a $20 purchase to use that $10, and I also receive $10 when you find something you love and make your first purchase. Win win!

Just some of the book deals I spotted today on Mercari. I am really trying hard to talk myself out of the Divergent Hardback Box Set. I’m not sure I can, but if one of you snatch it up quickly I (and my wallet) can still be happy lol.

There is so much other great stuff on Mercari too. Ask me about how many pairs of shoes we have bought since joining! Yes you can share love by buying shoes too, just ask my lovely daughter when she receives her “new to her” sneakers this week.

Anyway I digress. The point is you don’t have to spend a much to spread some love and connection.

Even if my daughter doesn’t connect with these books, my son might in a few years. Then he can chat with my niece about them.

Connection Through Shared Interests

It’s nice to be able to provide the opportunity for engagement and connection. It’s a simple thing everyone can do that can increase happiness and make a big difference in your family’s lives.

What is something you do to share the joy of reading with your loved ones? Is there something inexpensive that brings your family lots of joy? Please share it in the comments so we can all live a little happier.

Thanks for reading with me today.

Signing off,


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