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Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

I love my new earrings but the way these are advertising had me laughing hysterically. Sellers go crazy with descriptive words and I keep wondering what happens if someone is nearsighted and can't tell that this isn't a T-Rex in the picture! Not cool sellers, not cool. Anyhow despite my issues with the description, I… Continue reading Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

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Goal Setting in 2021 & 2020 Re-Cap

The Blue Sky Planner I bought last year. I wanted to highlight the artist Mia Charro who did the illustration on this planner😁 Thinking about trying to do a year in review is giving me a headache so let's just start by putting that out there. Since I was wondering how many goals I checked… Continue reading Goal Setting in 2021 & 2020 Re-Cap

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Congestive Heart Failure, Hospice, & End of Life Care

I do try to keep the content of my blog pretty cheerful but I also don't shy away from pain at this point in my life. A few things I grew up hearing my parents say was "the good, the bad, and the ugly" and "through hell or high water". This is the story of… Continue reading Congestive Heart Failure, Hospice, & End of Life Care

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Capturing Pregnancy Memories with a Maternity Photo Shoot

Why would I do a maternity photo shoot on my 3rd pregnancy? I hadn't had any professional photos taken when carrying my 1st or 2nd child. Why now? Did I have fun? Do I love the photos? Why did it take me over a year and a half to write this post?! Read on for… Continue reading Capturing Pregnancy Memories with a Maternity Photo Shoot

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Keeping Our Cool During Covid

My apologies for being less active on the interwebs lately. I have been trying to add a classroom space to my office space/craft room. The room was already stuffed to the gills and it took some work to make a school space as well as the multi-purpose room it already was. On the plus side… Continue reading Keeping Our Cool During Covid

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Best Tips for Cooking a Gluten-Free Holiday Meal

Our best tips for cooking a gluten-free holiday meal. Also how to avoid as much gluten as possible at your family holiday meal. We hope to help others avoid common food mistakes made during the holidays.

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Sweet Summer Moments

Summer Reunion Click The Play Button Below To Enjoy a Beautiful Summer Moment The weather was perfect on the day of the reunion. The sun was shining and the breeze was warm against our skin. We had driven the whole 2 hours to the community center with the windows down. We arrived to the… Continue reading Sweet Summer Moments