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Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

I love my new earrings but the way these are advertising had me laughing hysterically. Sellers go crazy with descriptive words and I keep wondering what happens if someone is nearsighted and can't tell that this isn't a T-Rex in the picture! Not cool sellers, not cool. Anyhow despite my issues with the description, I… Continue reading Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

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Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

As I am collecting Halloween things from around my house I am considering what "holes" were in my Halloween décor this year. So I will try to make this my last overtly Halloween themed post this year but as the US is having a mental health moment I'm gonna post about things that make me… Continue reading Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

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Easy Halloween Activities & Snacks for Families with Toddlers to Tweens

Have you ever tried to have a Halloween with activities and snacks for all ages? I was getting ready for a Halloween party while trying to do the regular Halloween activities with my kids. We ended up doing a mish-mash of Halloween activities to get ready for the party while still doing our pumpkin decorating,… Continue reading Easy Halloween Activities & Snacks for Families with Toddlers to Tweens