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Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

I love my new earrings but the way these are advertising had me laughing hysterically. Sellers go crazy with descriptive words and I keep wondering what happens if someone is nearsighted and can’t tell that this isn’t a T-Rex in the picture! Not cool sellers, not cool.

Anyhow despite my issues with the description, I do really love these xenomorph earrings. I have wonderful memories of watching the Aliens Series with my dad. Back when I was watching with him there were only 3 movies and I remember them well (and have rewatched them about a million times)!

The movies do such a good job transporting you to the emptiness of space and the sounds of the ship, Nostromo, make you feel like you are in the dark with the giant alien ready to silently appear the moment you sneak a glance behind you!

I’ve often wondered why my dad chose to watch Aliens with me over all the other movie choices. I can’t ask him anymore but other than being sick of constant cartoons and kid’s shows I think he thought seeing a strong female character would teach me to be strong.

I’ve always loved the character Ripley for her no-bulls*** manner. She is strong and capable and she doesn’t pull any punches. She manages to stay sharp and survive when many others would have crumpled in fear and hopelessness.

Not only is Ripley strong, but she is also caring. She cares for her friends and mourns their loss but not so much that she loses the will to live. She uses their memory to give her strength to try and stop this threat from harming others. I am sure that this character spoke to my dad as did many other movie heroes but to a tween girl seeing a strong chick kick butt was an inspiration.

I am not sure who I would be without my love of sci-fi and fantasy. I really miss being able to watch movies with my dad but I have also loved watching many of the same movies with my kids. I hope that the stories mean as much to them as they did me and that watching the movies can be a connection with their past someday too.

Sorry not sorry, I had to include this cookbook because it made me laugh so hard. If you want to make food no one will eat and to never be invited to bring food to an event again this is the book for you. Take a look at some of the recipes if you don’t believe me!

Oh and endoparasitoid is a real word, I looked it up and I am more disturbed than I was before starting this post, yuck!

On that note, this is Kat @CraftingGlow signing off…

Well I did try but LMAO! This mask had Free Hugs in the title, now that is good advertising! My sense of humor is so messed up, this is why I love Halloween!

Thanks everyone for reading my silliness today, I wish you all a very happy Halloween celebration with lots of twisted jokes and surprised laughter.

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