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Alien Earrings & Good Memories!

I love my new earrings but the way these are advertising had me laughing hysterically. Sellers go crazy with descriptive words and I keep wondering what happens if someone is nearsighted and can't tell that this isn't a T-Rex in the picture! Not cool sellers, not cool. Anyhow despite my issues with the description, I… Continue reading Alien Earrings & Good Memories!


C10 Ends & C11 Begins: What’s New Haiku?

I'm going to make this post pretty short because I have lots to work on (as always lol). Haiku has come out with 3 new fragrances, which means there are 5 Haiku Eau de Parfums! I haven't smelled them all but I do like the original Haiku. I don't often wear it because the fragrance… Continue reading C10 Ends & C11 Begins: What’s New Haiku?


Are You Doing a Seasonal Hair, Fragrance, or Skin Care Shake Up?

With spring flowers & citrus belif Eau De Parfum - The Garden will have you smelling sweet this season🌸 Don't forget Campaign 9 ends tonight and the prices change. I don't know if you do a skin care, hair routine, or fragrance switch up for all the seasons but I do find that many women… Continue reading Are You Doing a Seasonal Hair, Fragrance, or Skin Care Shake Up?


Avon Campaign 4 Clearance, Steals, & Deals

All my favorite things from Campaign 4! Hi everyone! This is just my regularly scheduled campaign post which I don't publish as regularly as I would like. Sorry I missed a few campaigns early this year. There have been lots of changes taking place in our personal lives (not Avon related) and this involves way… Continue reading Avon Campaign 4 Clearance, Steals, & Deals


Avon Campaign 2 Highlight

Hi everyone, I hope your New Year's is going well. Sorry I've been out a few weeks. Unless I have people that tell me they want to order from Campaign 1 I usually don't do much for that campaign. C-1 gets collected 2 days before Christmas, doesn't get delivered until after Christmas, everyone is usually… Continue reading Avon Campaign 2 Highlight