C10 Ends & C11 Begins: What’s New Haiku?

I’m going to make this post pretty short because I have lots to work on (as always lol). Haiku has come out with 3 new fragrances, which means there are 5 Haiku Eau de Parfums! I haven’t smelled them all but I do like the original Haiku. I don’t often wear it because the fragrance lasts forever and I like fragrances that wear off a little faster.

That being said, I love the new Sacred Intense even though it’s made to be a longer-wearing fragrance. I apply it lightly and I love the citrus notes of tangerine, and the green dewy smell of flowers in bloom.

Haiku Sacred Intense Eau de Parfum - 3

I know it’s a luxe fragrance but it reminds me of the flower-making play doh basket I played with as a kid. I believe that would be the rose de mai scent but I can’t be positive. They say scent is a powerful memory trigger and for me it certainly is. While it reminds me of simpler times it’s still a sophisticated fragrance that wears beautifully throughout the day.

I haven’t gotten a chance to smell the other 2 new Haiku fragrances but I will as soon as I can! While I wait for samples to come for the other Haiku perfumes I will continue to have fun shopping for jewelry!

These are my new favorite earrings because they can elevate an outfit from mommy chic to elegant pretty easily.

Everyday Linear Earrings - 1

I don’t wear makeup much these days but I am loving my jewelry. I don’t feel guilty when I fall asleep exhausted at the end of the day without washing my face. Honestly it feels weird to wear makeup when I’m not going anywhere. Except lipstick or lipbalm, I always wear that!

Indulge Me In Birthday Balms Gift Set - 1
These tinted lip balms with moisturizing shea butter are the best for creating the perfect nude lip.

Anyhow look quick if you want to see the Campaign 10 brochure before it disappears at midnight! Thanks for reading with me today and send me a message if you have any questions!

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