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Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

As I am collecting Halloween things from around my house I am considering what “holes” were in my Halloween décor this year.

So I will try to make this my last overtly Halloween themed post this year but as the US is having a mental health moment I’m gonna post about things that make me happy. I also realized that I really like my light up Halloween decorations. It might be because the sun goes down so early here in the fall and winter season but I have decided I want to decorate with more light-up decor.

I have chosen my favorite light-up items from Amazon in hopes to collect them on clearance and on sale during the following year so I can have them ready for next Halloween! I am trying to be prepared in case we do decide to do a Haunted Woods event. It’s not cheap to get enough Halloweeen supplies to put on an event and it’s easier to spread the cost over the year, especially if you can get items on Halloween clearance? Anyone else go out an buy a giant bag of Halloween chocolate the day after Halloween?!

So these are very similar to the Halloween decorations we already have. I wanted to share so you all knew what I was already working with. This light up bat is very similar to one I already have at home, although my bat is purple and the wings are slightly different.

I have a set of giant inflatable witch legs that stick out from the front of my house. Billy bought them at Lowes for $16 one year after Halloween. They are my favorite Halloween decoration and I was sad I didn’t get them set up this year, but I didn’t really want to put them in the yard where the dog poos. Even with cleaning the yard up it still seemed gross. I decided I would do some more pre-planning for this next year so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting dog doo on my Wicked Witch of the East legs.

Now these WWE legs that I am featuring are inflatable but they are much smaller and would work with an entry way, front door, or indoor Halloween decorations. These ones do not light up but the giant ones we got from Lowes do. I chose to feature these little WWE legs because they are so versatile and they are just so fun for Wizard of Oz fans. If you do want yard inflatables it’s worth a shot to go to your local stores and see what they have on clearance, you might get lucky!

I have a giant spider with purple foil hairs on it, though mine doesn’t light up like this one. My Halloween spider is pretty creepy and I enjoy putting it up even though I am absolutely terrified of real spiders!

We have a couple sets of rope lights but not as nifty as these! Ours are just the rainbow lights which work really nice for Halloween and add a nice glow for dance parties or too dark walking paths. We would need more lighting to put on a Haunted Woods and I thought color changing lights would be the most versatile, and easily used for many other holiday decorations. There are so many colors options!

My Wish List

I love this window cling decoration. The reviews say it’s not for the faint of heart to get situated in your window, but I have confidence I can make it work. It’s so cool and I am really into the witch decor, maybe I should have looked for a caldron! I don’t have one of those either.

Gnomes are all the rage this year but our family has been collecting gnomes and forest trolls for years! The forest trolls used to only be available here and now they are everywhere! I had to ask family where to find them because google search was so saturated with available products. These gnome characters were so festive with their cool hats and they light up too!

We have been using the same Dollar Store spider web for 3 years running! I’m looking forward to chucking that and getting a next-level light-up spider web, so fun!

I really like these creepy 3D changing portraits and they go super well in our Victorian inspired home. Our old house is under construction, is dusty, and forms cobwebs at the speed of light so our regular house can put off a creepy Halloween vibe. These pictures are great for adding a creepy atmosphere to any space but it would really put our space over the top! The middle picture is my favorite but for this price I’ll take all 3 as I have plenty of places I could add creepy portraits here.

If you haven’t noticed I am super into the witch-themed decor. How cute are these light-up witch hats ?! Since I love my Wicked Witch of the East/Ruby Slippers inflatable I think I am just going to go witch and Oz themed for the front of our house. It would be easy to add a scarecrow and I’ll probably add some of my Harry Potter stuff too because I’m cool like that.

This ghost really reminds me of old cartoons and he lights up too! I will definitely be adding this or something similar to my Halloween collection!

These LED balloons are gorgeous and not super expensive. They can be used with regular air and hung, with helium so they float, or they can be used for floating pool balloons. They are a one-time decoration and apparently are a struggle for some to get them to work right. They are super fun though and make for a lit party environment!

As you can tell the vintage looking decorations are calling to me and I love that they have so many light-up options now. There are many inexpensive options, although that means they probably won’t last as long. I will probably need an extension cord to hang this at our house but that is nothing new for us. I love having jack-o-lanterns for decorating. We usually carve pumpkins but on years where we don’t manage to, it’s still nice to have a glowing jack-o-lantern to greet visitors (and keep evil spirits at bay).

The witch is back, and who doesn’t face plant every once in awhile. This witch has obviously been hitting her spooky brew and is struggling to fly straight. I can’t help but laugh when I see these, and it will fit with my other witchy front yard decorations.

Yeah this tree lantern will probably be an “all the time” decoration for me but I spotted it in my search for Halloween lanterns and not everyone has a tree obsession like I do. I doubt I will wait long to order this beauty. It has great reviews and I would use these solar lanterns all year round. Although I will probably put them on our enclosed porch during the ice and snow season because I will want to keep them nice for as long as possible.

So if you haven’t noticed I definitely like the purple orange color theme for Halloween. This is a more expensive Halloween decoration than I usually go for but it pulls together so many of my favorite Halloween themes into one design. I also have a lot of orange things on my wish list and I need more purple glow. This 10 inch Halloween decoration is a pumpkin with trees, tiny pumpkins, a haunted mansion, and a witch sitting on the moon. I love it and want it yesterday lol.

These black draping fabrics are perfect for adding more atmosphere to your Halloween decorations. I don’t think many people will ever compliment you directly on your creepy fabric, but hanging distressed fabric in your home adds to the creep factor. Creepy fabrics moving from a cold draft will add a spookiness, that’s just chilling, to any space.

By far my favorite thing on this list was these light up maple leaves until I found the tree lantern. These are still my favorite because of the massive impact you can get with 60 ft of maple leaves! These wouldn’t be an all year decoration for me but I love lights and these I can use from September till at least the end of November. With these we can enjoy beautiful lights a full 3 months before the Christmas season, so decorating early for Christmas won’t seem like such an emergency.

Music is an important part of any of my parties, and I loved that this collection included songs I don’t usually hear on other Halloween channels. It also had a few buying options including vinyl and I also like it because Now CD’s were popular when I was a kid.

So the last thing on my Halloween list is that I am considering dying a ton of old sheets that we have collected over the years black. The plain white sheets I will probably leave white because you need those for Halloween too. The patterned sheets could be turned black though and black cloth is important for hiding extension cords, sound equipment, and the mechanics of some haunting decorations.

I like the simplicity of being able to use these little bottles of Rit dye in my washing machine but it gets expensive when you want to dye a lot of fabric.

Depending on how many sheets I find the bulk container of dye may be my most inexpensive option. I am still considering whether or not I will need fabric stabilizer for my dyed sheets. I’m not sure how often I would wash sheets that just get hung outside for Halloween decorations, and I am just as happy with dark gray, dark blue, and dark purple so if the fabrics don’t dye perfectly I’m not going to cry about it. The one concern I have is are they going to dye other things they are attached to and will they rain black on all our other decorations if we leave everything hung outside for a week or 2.

As you can tell I am still considering my options. Feel free to leave any dying tips and advice if you have any. I have only done tie dye so fabric dying is all new to me and seems like a fun experiment.

Halloween Wish List Re-Cap

Although this year’s Halloween was different and a smaller celebration, we still made the fun happen! I can’t wait until Corona isn’t an issue anymore and the festivities return to normal. Even if the world returns to “normal” by next year there is no guarantee we will be able to put on the Haunted Woods, but I’d like to be somewhat prepared and we are due for a massive celebration!

So what is on your Halloween wish list for next year? Leave it in the comments! I’d love to see what everyone else is wanting for their homes and celebrations.

Thanks so much for reading with me today. I hope that you are amp-ing up for the holiday season, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s Thanksgiving and super early Christmas decorations.

I have some friends on my facebook threatening to decorate for Christmas right now just to boost good cheer. I am certainly not going to tell them they are wrong (especially since half my Halloween decorations are still up!). I know I am not the only one!!

Anywho I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and well this season. Best wishes!


PS. I just applied to be a Dollar Tree Affiliate too! So look for more Dollar Store inspired crafts coming up! I’m so excited, I hope they approve me. Please pray with me!

Please pin to your Halloween Boards! 🎃 Thanks so much!

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