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Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum in Pennsylvania

We started a habit several years ago of doing something fun when we have an appointment out of town. When you have people in your family that are sick and need to go to appointments and specialists a lot, visiting somewhere fun is a wonderful way to stay happy even when times are tough.

I am embarrassed to say that Mr. Ed’s is very close to the house I grew up in, I love elephants, and still the 1st time I went to visit was when I was already an adult! It costs nothing to go in and look, although it’s easy to spend a mint in their candy shop! It’s whimsical and fun and they host fun kid events throughout the year.

We always wander around outside when we get here. The tea pot museum has turned into a giant tea kettle!
The gardens would be a great place to have a scavenger hunt. There are signs to read and many creatures big and small throughout.
I didn’t take pictures of everything on purpose. One that would be near impossible and two it’s fun to explore and discover new things.
You can spot some interesting characters as you walk around.
We had a great time as we always do but were saddened when we saw the Enchanted Forest had vanished.
Unfortunately the trees had gotten sick but there are big plans for this outdoor space!
Well my youngest wasn’t the biggest fan of the big elephants. She was a little scared but we still had fun and sang Heffalumps from Winnie the Pooh while we checked out the Elephant Museum.
We like to look for characters we know from cartoons and movies. It’s also fun to spot different elephant toys you had as a kid. I like elephants so I spotted quite a few things I had in the past.
Then we goofed off in front of the fun house mirror.
Then checked out some items in the gift shop.

Then we spent way too much money on candy, especially being right after Halloween, but they have some amazing chocolate. We always pick up dark coconut clusters and I picked up almond bark too for good measure! The kids got some candy whistles and a few other candy toys. Ali got a chocolate ball that had a Peppa Pig toy in it.

Next we drove through Caledonia and Michaux State Forest and took pictures of the reservoir as we headed home.

Long Pine Run Reservoir

Then we came home, played in the yard, and ate too much candy. It was a fun day filled with playing and being silly.

I highly recommend a stop to Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum if you are ever in the south-central area of Pennsylvania. It’s a whimsical place and it always puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

Thanks for reading today! Do you have good memories of Mr. Ed’s? What fun places do you like to visit?

I wish fun adventures for everyone with so many smiles and I hope everyone is getting out while it’s still reasonably warm!

Thanks again!


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