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Save Money and Make a DIY Disney Christmas Tree

My Disney ornaments made from toys make me smile❤ Not gonna lie, putting up my Christmas tree was pretty painful this year. Not only are we having the 1st holiday since mom passed, she was also the one who made my Disney Christmas tree happen. How did I come up with the idea to use… Continue reading Save Money and Make a DIY Disney Christmas Tree

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Gift Ideas for Kids With Too Many Big Toys

My kids rooms are full to brimming with toys and I am always looking for creative gifts that will excite but not add more mess to the meyhem. Dollar Tree Make-It Blocks Lego dudes seem to disappear at a rapid rate at our house. These are an inexpensive option and will store in a small… Continue reading Gift Ideas for Kids With Too Many Big Toys

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Holiday Kitchen Towel Sewing Project

Dollar Tree Hanging Kitchen Towel Sewing Project 🙂 This is a Dollar Tree sewing craft I learned from Grandma this year when she hurt her foot and wasn't able to sew her Christmas gifts on her sewing machine like she does every year. Crafting and sewing seems to be something that is shared. Grandma got… Continue reading Holiday Kitchen Towel Sewing Project

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Use Snap / EBT for Food Baskets on Amazon

Some families are really struggling this year and I just wanted to spread the word that you can get some really nice food baskets and snack spreads on Amazon with your Snap / EBT benefits. You can buy these food baskets with regular methods as well but this is a list of EBT eligible (at… Continue reading Use Snap / EBT for Food Baskets on Amazon

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Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

The best silver bracelets found on Amazon. Once upon a time, long long ago, my grandmother bought my cousin and I silver bracelets. It was a very nice gift and I wore that bracelet for years! It had an inscription that read "Love Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandparent)". I didn't know it would be my favorite… Continue reading Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

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Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

As I am collecting Halloween things from around my house I am considering what "holes" were in my Halloween décor this year. So I will try to make this my last overtly Halloween themed post this year but as the US is having a mental health moment I'm gonna post about things that make me… Continue reading Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

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Easy Halloween Activities & Snacks for Families with Toddlers to Tweens

Have you ever tried to have a Halloween with activities and snacks for all ages? I was getting ready for a Halloween party while trying to do the regular Halloween activities with my kids. We ended up doing a mish-mash of Halloween activities to get ready for the party while still doing our pumpkin decorating,… Continue reading Easy Halloween Activities & Snacks for Families with Toddlers to Tweens

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Harry Potter Gift Ideas & More!

In honor of being able to watch all the Harry Potter movies for free on Peacock until Halloween, I decided to see what cool Harry Potter items I could find on Amazon. So now our Potter marathon has started, and yours can too! Your welcome!! So my Harry Potter fandom started when I received a… Continue reading Harry Potter Gift Ideas & More!