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Save Money and Make a DIY Disney Christmas Tree

My Disney ornaments made from toys make me smile❤ Not gonna lie, putting up my Christmas tree was pretty painful this year. Not only are we having the 1st holiday since mom passed, she was also the one who made my Disney Christmas tree happen. How did I come up with the idea to use… Continue reading Save Money and Make a DIY Disney Christmas Tree

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Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

The best silver bracelets found on Amazon. Once upon a time, long long ago, my grandmother bought my cousin and I silver bracelets. It was a very nice gift and I wore that bracelet for years! It had an inscription that read "Love Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandparent)". I didn't know it would be my favorite… Continue reading Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

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Next Year’s Halloween Wish List

As I am collecting Halloween things from around my house I am considering what "holes" were in my Halloween décor this year. So I will try to make this my last overtly Halloween themed post this year but as the US is having a mental health moment I'm gonna post about things that make me… Continue reading Next Year’s Halloween Wish List