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Beautiful Silver Bracelets on Amazon

The best silver bracelets found on Amazon.

Once upon a time, long long ago, my grandmother bought my cousin and I silver bracelets. It was a very nice gift and I wore that bracelet for years! It had an inscription that read “Love Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandparent)”. I didn’t know it would be my favorite bracelet of all time when she gave it to me. It was comfortable and pretty and I wore it everywhere.

I’m actually surprised I held onto it as long as I did considering how much I wore it. It was real silver and it was a little bendy. Being a little bendy is great if you are trying to fit tiny or larger wrists because you can bend them to size. After years of my abuse ( I was a kid so you know I was brutal on my poor silver bracelet) well the metal just became too malleable and it let go of my wrist one day at the swimming pool and sadly was never returned to me.

It looked so much like this bracelet but mine was a little less shiny and had tiny decorative lines running up each side of the bracelet. I would love to replace that bracelet, and I have tried over the years, but nothing I have bought has the right amount of bend, like that 1st bracelet. I plan to purchase this similar bracelet and see if it does justice to the original one I had so many years ago.

In any case that silver bracelet ignited a love of silver jewelry that I still have to this day. Silver is fabulous for dressing up a casual outfit. I wore that delicate bracelet with everything, t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, you name it.

Not every bracelet on this list will shine with every outfit, but many of them can both dress up a pair of jeans and also add the finishing touch to your formal outfit!

Silver & Silver-tone Bracelets for Every Occasion

I love these bold cuff bracelets with the flared edges. This is a beautiful and sleek statement piece.

This filigree sterling silver bracelet won’t break the bank but this nature-inspired piece isn’t cheap either.

Intricate pieces require extra care if you expect them to last. I’ll be watching to see when this bracelet goes on sale because I love the delicate details of this piece.

This 6 Piece upper-arm cuff bracelet set is gorgeous and who doesn’t love shiny metal that makes them feel like a goddess?!

This cuff bracelet is so polished it is reflective! I find it fascinating flared out edges and curved in edges change the look of a cuff bracelet so much.

I love this bracelet because it reminds me of Elvish script I am a Lord of the Rings fan. The description says something about facing difficulties without fear which is a nice faith sentiment.

This might have to be the replacement for my childhood bracelet because the bracelet is similar and the beautiful design just gives it that something extra.

This bracelet is cool because it gives you the look of bangles without all the noise!

Apparently I must be a Carolyn Pollack fan because I clicked on a lot of bracelets designed by her while I was searching for beautiful things for this post.

This is one of her less expensive bracelets (some are pretty salty) and it’s available in a variety of stones and sizes. I couldn’t decide whether to show the amethyst or topaz because they were both so pretty, but I am a February baby so that helped me decide.

I still like the look of the cuff bracelet with the flared out edges the best but I feel like this bracelet would be better for everyday wear. Especially if you chose to wear it on your dominant hand because this bracelet would be the most comfortable to lean on while writing, painting, and4 diy-ing…

So of course I would go from practical to fancy and delicate. I love this rhinestone stretch silver bracelet. It says for weddings but to be honest I would probably wear it to dress up a black shirt and some jeans. This would be a holiday bracelet for me though, not something I would wear for everyday.

Also if I was considering this for formal events, I would be thinking about the fabric. Personally I am terrified of snagging my delicate fabrics, so this would not be my choice for anything with tulle!

I love this bracelet because I am a sucker for Celtic knots! It’s not something I would purchase though unless it went on sale. I don’t like to spend a ton on jewelry because it stings when I lose it, and that makes me worry when I wear it. My comfortable price range is usually under $50 but I do purchase more expensive pieces on occasion depending on how fabulous and unique they are.

If you love opal and sterling silver you have to check these out! There are a few different options available on the Amazon page, including one with a Celtic knot, a rose gold with white opal, and a “Faith, Hope, Love” bracelet with a cross detail.

This 4 pack of silver-tone bracelets is good for if you don’t want to spend a lot but you still want bold bracelets for multiple outfits.

Purchasing packs like these are also good if you want a new bracelet for the holidays but also need to buy gifts for some loved ones. Everyone wins!

This bracelet is delicate and beautiful, and they even managed to make the hinges look pretty!

This pack of bracelets caught my eye because the one has an angled cuff with bangle-like details. The other is beautiful and gives a textured look that really shines!

If you want more, this pack has a geometric and a braided texture bracelet too!

If you love Disney and are an inspirational quote junkie like me, this might just be the bracelet for you. My friends and I love Finding Nemo and Dory is adorable. This sweet bracelet will be fun for both the giver and the wear-er.

Now this is a hair tie bracelet and it has a channel in it that keeps your new hair ties from cutting into your wrist! So smart.

This pack of bracelets includes a circle design, a geometric pattern that is just fun, and that snake is just so cool!

I have a friend that has scale babies and I can see her liking a double-headed snake bracelet. I feel like anyone who likes mythology would also enjoy this silver snake.

Did you know they make silver jewelry that will replace your Apple watch strap?!

I have Android so I won’t be purchasing this but I had to feature it because I love that they are making tech look more like jewelry.

Now mixing gold and silver won’t be for everyone, but I think it’s genius! It only takes one mixed piece of jewelry to wear your silver and gold together. I learned this trick from my grandmother but I have yet to purchase a piece like this.

Honestly, I don’t own much gold and the gold rings I do have are probably too small anyway.

This won’t be my next purchase but I will be seeing what’s available in gold and silver the next time I dig out my gold rings, or the next time I purchase one!

Now that we have broken out of the silver bracelet theme, I wanted to feature these bracelets because they are beautiful and you can add your own messages of love and inspiration!

Don’t worry, they are available in different styles including silver, and I won’t be showing you anything that isn’t silver in tone for the rest of this post.

Now I have seen these Tibeten cuff bracelets before but I never knew what they were called to try and purchase one. Now I know not only are they super pretty but they are inexpensive too!

As with most inexpensive products the quality control suffers some but even so the reviews are still pretty impressive!

I love the idea of beautiful designs on a cuff bracelet so I will be getting one of these, but it’s so hard to decide which one!

You should be proud of me because I waited this long to add something Harry Potter themed. Can you believe it?!

This has zero reviews but I thought the sparkly time spinner was pretty. I know my nieces would love it if it wasn’t so darned expensive but I shared it because it led me to…

This bracelet making kit! The only thing my kids and nieces love more than themed jewelry is creating their own jewelry and being able to choose what goes on it!

The charms in this kit are super cute. You could totally use this as a group craft project, or you could make so many bracelets without spending a mint.

I think these would make such fun gifts, especially if you have as many girls in your family as I do in mine!

Last but not least this beautiful rosary bracelet called to me. Though I am not a practicing Roman Catholic, prayer and faith reminders are still an important part of my spirituality.

I thought this was a good gift for faithful friends who may be going through a hard time, and the wire wrapped Lapis Lazul stones sure are lovely.

Thanks for reading with me today. I hope you found something beautiful, as a gift for a loved one, or as a gift for yourself.

I love jewelry as a reminder of love, luck, inspiration, healing, and well wishes. I hope that when you give (or get) a gift of silver, you think of all the amazing ways it can comfort a troubled soul and raise a person’s spirits.

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful and blessed day, and that you and yours are staying healthy and well.

Thanks again,


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