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But My Favorite Sandals! Why is Earth Spirit Discontinued?😭

Is Earth Spirit going to continue making shoes?

Well I wore my favorite sandals in the lake and that’s where they died. To be fair I had worn them in plenty of creeks, and lakes over the years they were my favorite sandals.

These sandals were so comfy these were even my preferred footwear for amusement parks. I do like having my toe covered in crowded places but my sneaker sandals don’t have as comfortable of a sole. I would often choose my Earth Spirit sandals over my Northsides because of the fact that my feet wouldn’t be so sore after a long day of walking.

Northside Burke II – Sport Sandal

Both of the shoes will stay on your feet when you ride roller coasters but Earth Spirit’s foot bed is amazing for reducing impact and keeping your feet from getting sore.

This wasn’t the first pair of Earth Spirit shoes I have own. I wore my first pair until one of the straps snapped. This most recent pair was looking well-worn and at least a little dingy but I didn’t expect them to fail on me.

After I got out of the lake I could tell something was wrong with the right side. It had a big lump under the area between the ball of my foot and toes. It wasn’t particularly comfortable. I tried to squish it flat, and I tried letting it dry to see if it would correct somehow. Well it didn’t..

I decided to take a Google photo of the shoes to see if I could find the same pair. When I took a photo I realized how much I had worn down these shoes. For one you can see the outlines of the internal structure of the shoe. Then I noticed the crack in the sole that was most likely my sandals’ downfall. I believe it let water into the shoe and that cause the gelron sole to swell up in an unpleasant way.

For comparison these were a pair of the same sandals brand new. When I had bought mine my mom had asked me to pick up a pair for her too. That just ended up being the year that she stopped wearing sandals, and it’s been long enough I don’t remember what year that was but it was 2019 or before.

I think back when we purchased these at Walmart they were around $25. I should have known something was up to see sandals this comfortable that cheap. Why didn’t I buy 2 pairs in my size?!

I held onto my mom’s size 10’s for a few years hoping I or my daughter could wear them at some point. Alas they were just big enough that I figured I’d trip every time I went up stairs for the life of the shoe. Surprisingly my daughter outgrew 10’s this past year and couldn’t wear them either!

Knowing that they weren’t going to work for either of us and finding it silly to hold onto them until my pre-schooler grows into adult sized shoes I decided to find them a new home.

Selling the “UnFit” Sandals on Mercari

Sorry about that last heading title, that’s just me making myself laugh. There was nothing wrong with that pair of sandals I sold except that they didn’t fit anyone’s feet here.

I researched what Earth Spirit shoes had been selling for recently and what the used ones were selling for now. I decided to start higher than what I wanted for them because when you sell them on Mercari they do something called smart pricing.

If you price higher than your desired selling price, every time the sale price drops the algorithm boosts your listing. It gets the most amount of eyes on your listing. Since you set the max and min pricing and it drops the price at preset times automatically, it’s easy to set up and worthwhile to start higher than what you want for it.

This really worked out for me this time. I set up the starting price at higher than what I really wanted for them. I priced them at 27.00 so I made $23.22 after fees and whatnot and these sandals sold within an hour! (When I got the money from selling these sandals, we bought a padded football shirt for my son. Unrelated but I was quite happy not to have to pay out of pocket!)

Selling items that quick is unusual for me so I gather these are getting rare and the cult followers of these sandals are buying them up. The buyer paid separately for shipping, which was 7.99.

Personally I would love to make it easy math for buyers and just say $35 and free shipping but since the fees are a percentage of the purchase price you make more money with shipping as a seperate charge. Not sure it’s that way on all platforms. If you sell on a different platform you will have to let me know.

Anyway I had to ship FedEx for my first time since Mercari negotiated cheaper pricing through them. Before it was $10 at UPS for a package this size. FedEx was pretty much the same as the other shipping companies but I did find it funny to go into a CVS pharmacy to drop the package off.

I did check package requirements before I shipped because I didn’t want to do something wrong and the shoes to get lost in transit. Turns out I could ship in an Amazon box but I did mark up all the bar codes just in case.

I always think scribbling out bar codes looks ugly so this is how I deal with that particular problem😁 Hopefully it makes my buyer smile!

Final Thoughts On The Search for Amazing Sandals

So now I am looking for suggestions for a new brand of wonderfully comfortable sandals. I’ve heard rumors that Earth Spirit is going to be rebranding to Free Spirit but when I checked out current sandals under that label they didn’t look like they were available in the US.

***Update 3/05/23 – Begg Shoes is now offering shipping to the US.

A European store called Begg Shoes is where I saw the information about Earth Spirit’s rebrand and they are still selling Earth Spirit shoes currently. What I have seen available in both Earth Spirit and Free Spirit brands looks more like comfort-wear, sport sandals, and slides, and didn’t have the pretty adornments that made mine so versatile.

I’ve not seen any news on this side of the pond though, but I am hopeful that this is a pause and not a full stop. For now I am wearing my Northsides and Sketcher’s Yoga Foam sandals.

I like them a lot better than regular flip-flops but they don’t have the comfort of walking all day in my Earth Spirit shoes. I feel like the structure plus the gel padding in the Earth Spirit shoes did more for my foot than just padding alone. I’m sure there is some science here that explains this concept better than I can!

Anyhow if you can point me in the direction of some cute and super comfortable all-day walking sandals I would be forever grateful. What is your favorite warm weather sandal or shoes?

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite summer shoe is or find me on social @CraftingGlow. Thank you so much!

6 thoughts on “But My Favorite Sandals! Why is Earth Spirit Discontinued?😭”

  1. I ran in to this problem as well. My original sandals were actually bought in mid to late 90s I think. They served me well for many many many years and were so comfortable but eventually the strap let loose on the side of the ankle.
    It took a lot of internet researching but this is what I found. Granted, the prices are a lot higher than any purchase one would make from a Walmart but at the same time, the quality is fantastic and the shoes last for years so I’m ok with paying the cost. To be honest. I think my originals were 120 many years ago so if you compare that. not much has changed in price.
    Anyways, just something to look at at.


    1. I’m so glad you found the brand you were looking for! My thoughts are if the shoes last that long, and are comfortable, it’s well worth the price paid! The Earth Shoe and Earth Origin brand aren’t affiliated with Earth Spirit from what I can tell, but they do also offer a quality product with a cult following from what I’ve been reading. I will definitely try a pair at some point as it looks like Free Spirit (the new name under which Earth Spirit shoes will be sold) is only selling in Europe at this time. It looks like Free Spirit might ship overseas as well, but unless they release a similar style to my old favorites I’m probably going to look elsewhere for something more similar to my old shoes. I get that styles change, but those sandals were so versatile and very easy to dress up or down!


  2. I too have come to the point where I need to replace my shoes from 2018. Started looking online yesterday and the results were not promising. I guess I need to go to Skechers and see what I can find that will be us comfortable as these.


    1. The longevity of Earth Spirit sandals was pretty impressive! Finding a replacement from somewhere local was my strategy at 1st too. Now that I own a few other options, I’m also planning to order the Malibu style from Europe to compare them too the old style of Earth Spirit and other brands I like. My hope is that the new “Earth or Free Spirit” shoes are close enough that I will still love them, even if they don’t have as dressy of styles as they did previously. I wish you lots of luck finding a new favorite sandal! If you find something you love, please come back and share.


  3. *Screaming noises* this is my 2nd year in a row not being able to find my earth spirit sandals. It seems like a silly thing to be upset about but I’m super bothered. I have sensory issues and thise were the only ones I could wear. I legit only own 4 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of knock off uggs for winter, 1 pair of lace ups for work, 1 pair of sorta heels for date night, and my sandals. I’ve been wearing them for 10+ years, I’m heartbroken.


    1. Oh no! It’s terrible not having your go to footwear. Having a hole in my shoe wardrobe for even part of a season was so upsetting. I thought so much about these shoes that I think I may have attachment issues. It did pay off though. I got lucky and spotted a barely worn pair in my size at the thrift shop, and I paid less than $10! I don’t know how you feel about the thrift shop, or if you have any nice ones near you, but it could be a good option. Happy feet, happy life (or something like that lol). I do wish you lots of luck finding some good sandals. I do wear my Bear Paws (similar to Ugg) into the warm season, but I’ll be putting mine away any day now. Do you have any good leads for new sandals? Are you going to shop at their sister store in Europe, or try other more local brands?


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