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Use Snap / EBT for Food Baskets on Amazon

Some families are really struggling this year and I just wanted to spread the word that you can get some really nice food baskets and snack spreads on Amazon with your Snap / EBT benefits.

You can buy these food baskets with regular methods as well but this is a list of EBT eligible (at the time of this post) food platters with anything from meat, cheese, and crackers to fruit, cookies, and chocolate.

Just make sure you watch your shipping dates. I picked these out yesterday and some would get here before Christmas, some before New Year’s Eve, and some came after the holiday. Check them out and order quickly if you are wanting to get them before a certain date!

So since speed is of the essence I am not going to spend a lot of time describing baskets since shipping time is the most pivotal piece of this puzzle.

I won’t bore you with shipping info as that changes based on your location, so click on the pictures and see when it ships for you!

I hope this post helped people trying to figure out what to put out before holiday meals.

I know putting snacks out will help to keep the kids out of the kitchen while you cook a holiday meal!

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun getting ready for the holidays.

I still haven’t put our tree up with everything going on but we do plan to get it out this weekend.

I’ll try and take pictures with all my Disney ornaments and maybe I’ll even do a post about how we figured out how to do a Disney Tree on the cheap (or cheaper anyway lol).

Oh and thanks to a close friend that pointed out that there were many available items that were EBT eligible that were not on Amazon Pantry (which is also amazing).

I’ll add your name to the post if you’d like but I didn’t want to call you out if you didn’t want that but thanks again! (You know who you are 😘)

She was also the one that told me that she gets the Doritos variety packs on Amazon Pantry because it has more cool ranch chips than the variety packs we can get at our local store and her family loves the cool ranch flavor.

Thanks so much everyone for “reading” (scrolling through pictures) with me today. I hope you and yours are staying happy healthy and well!

Many holiday blessings,


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