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Harry Potter Gift Ideas & More!

In honor of being able to watch all the Harry Potter movies for free on Peacock until Halloween, I decided to see what cool Harry Potter items I could find on Amazon. So now our Potter marathon has started, and yours can too! Your welcome!!

So my Harry Potter fandom started when I received a book from a friend way back when. I believe Columbia House books sent it to him by accident, that was how long ago this was.

He saw a kid on a broom and wasn’t very interested and so he gave it to me and I have been a big fan of “the boy who lived” ever since. Back then I read the book and had to wait so long for the next one to come out, so if you didn’t have to do that consider yourself a lucky duck!

Would you believe that I haven’t been to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter either? #UniversalOrlando if you ever want some publicity, I, and the small people who live in my house, would love to visit you! I’m not even a super fan of crowded amusement parks and Florida is kind of far but I have to see the floating candles in the great hall! I’ll get there someday but patience is hard!

Since travel isn’t recommended these days, what could be better than window shopping on Amazon and talking about one of my favorite series?! Since the movie collection being free on Peacock inspired this post we will start there.

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

I have all of the movies but if you are still waiting for them to come on TV to watch your favorite movies it might interest you to know that the DVD set is a great price. Would you believe it costs more to buy the book box set? I do! I love the movies but I still think the books are better.

Book Box Sets

For me this 1st box set is close to my heart. My 1st set of Harry Potter books had this exact cover art. My 1st book was a hardback and the rest I bought were the super thick paperbacks. Then I had the good fortune to stumble onto almost an entire set up hardback books at a book sale in California. Of course I bought them all, so now I had almost 2 full sets of the Harry Potter books and I was just impatiently waiting for the last book to come out…

I had to also feature this beautiful book set though. I love this image and this would look stunning on a bookshelf.

Note: This is a beautiful set but a little pricy for paperbacks and I wanted to point out that they weren’t hardbacks since the price point suggests otherwise. Since I already have multiple copies of most of the books but I still love this design, we bought a puzzle!

USAOPOLY World of Harry Potter 550Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

In our spare time we like to put together puzzles and then modge-podge them together for some poster style or framed wall art. Here is a nice post explaining that process if you are interested in how to turn your puzzles into home decor.

Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – 24 Vinyl Figures (2020)

Who doesn’t love an Advent Calendar? I added this because I love when you can win twice with one collectible. For example if you know a Harry Potter fan who also collects Funkos how could they not love this? I thought this was pretty inexpensive considering this advent calendar has toys in it.

NOTE: These are Pocket Pops so don’t expect full sized Funkos! Also this seems to be a one time gift as they use a lot of the same characters from year to year. If you don’t want duplicates, one of these advent calendars is plenty. 

Harry Potter Crochet Kits Paperback

These are so cute and I love crochet! A word of advice though I wouldn’t expect a kid under 12 to be able to figure this out unless they are a good crochetter already. Honestly I am having the hardest time teaching my 11 year old how to crochet well because the yarn tension and where to put her hook in after she does her 1st chain is completely lost on her.

This would be a great present for an older kid, or an adult. I may also get one for a mommy daughter project in the hopes that my oldest will be able to figure out her crochet technique this year.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy (878 Pieces)

We love Legos but they can get really expensive! This one seems like a wonderful set for what all you get. This one is a model of the great hall plus you get 10 Harry Potter mini figures!

The mini figures seem to get the most attention in our house. I have an 11 year old and under. My kids are likely to put the Great Hall together and leave it set for fear that they will lose pieces and those pieces will get mixed in with the giant pile of regular Legos. The Lego “dudes” as we call them travel around the house and go on adventures with the kids.

If I could buy a pack of Harry Potter dudes for less expensive I would. As it stands I feel like this is a nice gift for kids that don’t have younger siblings. I’ll probably wait until my kids are a year or 2 older before getting them something like this but if I figure out a place to display it I will purchase it for myself! Lego Harry Potter Christmas decorations? Sounds fun to me!

Snitch Necklace and Bracelet for Harry Potter Fans

So this is a super inexpensive gift so don’t expect it to be high quality. I make and fix my own jewelry though so I’d be able to adjust this to size or put it back together if a link broke.

I love the gold and silver mix and I can see my daughter or nieces being super excited to receive this as a gift.

Hasbro Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition, Mystery Board Game for 3-5 Players

How cool is this?! I loved Clue as a kid and I think this is super fun. I would not however purchase it new for my kids right now. They are not good at caring for games in this season so this might be a future purchase but definitely not something I’ll get this year. Unless I happen to find it super cheap at a yard sale…

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Color Changing Umbrella

How cool is this?! One Hagrid did spells with an umbrella, two this has all the houses on it, and three it changes colors in the rain! This umbrella does have mixed reviews though so buyer beware!

It definitely costs more than I would usually spend on an umbrella. Apparently these used to be cheaply made and the company changed manufacturers to improve the product. If it peaks your interest take a look and see if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars. To be honest I have used semi-broken umbrellas for years. Do people even own umbrellas that are in good condition? For me, the iffy reviews wouldn’t scare me off of buying this magical umbrella!

Perler Harry Potter Fuse Bead Kit, 4503 pieces, 19 Patterns, Multicolor

I love these kits and these perler bead creations are fun to hang in a window, on a wall, on a Christmas tree.

Now these kits are super cute for birthday presents and all that but if you already have a bucket of beads like we do…

You can always search “Harry Potter Perler Bead Patterns Printable” and see what you find. The nice thing about having a bucket of pearler beads on hand is that you have materials to work with if inspiration strikes, but you don’t always have enough of the color you wanted and if your beads get messy there is a lot more searching! Kits are definitely nice when you time is limited or your kids are easily frustrated!

Harry Potter Deluxe Robe & Accessory Set

I put this on here because it can be a Halloween costume, or you can use it for a literary or movie character dress up day for school. I’ve even seen Potter characters at Comic Con so this is a costume that should see more than 1 wear. Plus it takes awhile to outgrow a robe and necktie!

This set is back-ordered until after Halloween though so it won’t make it in time for this year’s costume.

Hogwarts House Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves, 48 x 71 Inches

So instead of buying a costume, I think I’m going to start purchasing these blankets for gifts. These were my favorite “giftable item” I found when searching for items for this post. Even better, they have one for each Hogwart’s House!

My daughter wears her Tinker Bell “snuggie” all the time, especially in this season where she is doing school from home. This is so cute but there is a good chance she would be wearing it around the house backwards like a regular robe! I’m sure I will be left wondering if my little Ravenclaw is coming or going?!

Harry Potter Kids Pajamas – Raglan Shirt and Pants Sleepwear Set

Does anyone else buy there kids new PJ’s every holiday season? I love to put new PJ’s and usually a pack of socks under our Christmas tree. My kids get so excited about socks, is this just my house?

Anyway a great set of jammies is good for lounging around the house, taking to a sleep-over, or wearing to pajama day at school! My son is just now getting into Harry Potter and would love a set of Gryffindor jammies to show his support while he cheers during a quidditch match.

Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Compact Trivia Game for 2 or More Players, 600 Trivia Questions, Ages 8 and Up

Usually I steer clear of Trivial Pursuit because I am pretty terrible when it comes to sports questions and I never win! This I could be pretty good at. Would it be terrible if I bought it just to win and gloat to my daughter and nieces that I am the biggest Harry Potter fan? I know how these kind of plans go though. I would probably lose terribly and have to listen to them gloat for a full season!

This game design doesn’t include a game board, which is nice for travel but bad if you really like playing games with a game board.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

So this lamp comes with mixed reviews too. It’s a USB plug in light that you tap the top to turn on and off just like magic!

While this is a super cool item most of the reviews have said it isn’t very sturdy. I would not buy this for a messy wild child who is hard on toys. Rather it is a great choice for someone who takes care of their toys, perhaps an adult who loves Harry Potter and finds a cute little light comforting in the night.

Harry Potter Coloring Book Paperback

I love that adult coloring books are “a thing” now. This one is done in the adult coloring book style and has gorgeous illustrations. They don’t show pictures in the description but someone reviewing it added a video if you want to see if you would enjoy coloring the images.

A child tween age or older would probably love to have this. I would suggest to them that they color the pages and then hang them on their bedroom walls for decoration. I love an activity that you can enjoy as art for years to come.

Harry Potter House Wall Banners – Complete Hogwarts House Wall Banner – Perfect Indoor Outdoor Party Flag – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw

These would be super for a Harry Potter themed birthday! Apparently if you look close they got some of the details wrong with the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw banners but these fabric banners are still a great choice to create a Hogwarts atmosphere for your party or themed space in your house.

The different packs have different sized banners, so make sure to check the size in the details listed if you were looking for something in a specific size.

UNO Harry Potter

I am always looking for cute themed gifts for under $10 and who doesn’t love UNO.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 4)

So this is one of those items that it is important to know what you are getting before you purchase. Apparently there is a ton of text and full chapters that don’t have illustrations but from reading the reviews there are still a lot of illustrations that are really impressive.

My thoughts are that if you expected a picture book for your child you were probably disappointed and if you were looking for a fun Harry Potter book with some extras you were probably impressed. One woman’s review said there were 700 pages in this book! I can’t confirm this but I know the original book was pretty big so this makes sense.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969; Great Gift for Kids Who Love Castles, Magical Action Minifigures and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Toys, New 2020 (971 Pieces)

We are back to Lego kits which I do love but just can’t spend the money on while there is a toddler rampaging in my house. Especially since this building looks pretty top heavy.

That being said I saw one Lego Luna Lovegood for sale for $16! So while the big kits are more expensive, it’s definitely more economical to buy kits rather than buy individual characters. Unless you are finding them at yard sale prices!

Someday I really would like to make a Lego Harry Potter Christmas village. If you are shocked at my choice of Christmas decor you obviously haven’t seen my Disney themed Christmas tree!

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Remember when I said I like to win with gifts that do double duty? This is the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan who also loves chess.

The plastic chess pieces are modeled after the wizard’s chess board in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. No they don’t come to life to knock a player off the board so imagination is a requirement for this purchase, and it is not included!

Bumkins Harry Potter Bibs, 3 Pack – Quidditch

These would be a great baby shower gift and I love how a bib can be a costume for tiny babies. Costumes can be such a pain for diaper changes and a small baby can easily ruin an outfit with bodily fluids in the 1st few minutes after you dress them. Sorry so graphic!

These quidditch themed bibs are super cute for meal times, or as a costume for your stroller passenger while you take older kids trick or treating.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Building Set: Includes Model Train and Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (801 Pieces)

This is a super cute building Lego set for Harry Potter fan that is especially great for kids who also love trains!

The Lego dementor design is fun and yes there is a Platform 9 3/4 sign, I checked!

Harry Potter: The Wand Collection Gift Set Paperback

I think the Elderwand is one of the coolest wands in the series and this one comes with a book talking about over fifty characters and their wand descriptions.

Apparently the wand quality wasn’t impressing at least one purchaser. When I read the comment “more for children” I figured maybe that meant the wand was plastic? Reviews are important and I wish the reviewer had left more detail in this instance.

The description showed a few pages of the wand book and I laughed out loud looking at the list of Ron’s wands. I have clumsy kiddos too, and this is a problem I totally get!

LEGO Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Whomping Willow Building Kit

I love trees so of course I was obsessed with the whomping willow ever since I first read about it. When I first looked at this Lego tree I thought it was a pretty odd design but then I learned this tree has spinning branches! Now that’s an impressive trick, and it comes with a car, and the castle. This set seems like such a hoot to put together! Sorry not sorry!

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory–More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Wizards and Non-Wizards Alike

We bought this cookbook for my daughter because it combines 2 subjects she loves, baking and Harry Potter. She has yet to make the pumpkin pasties she picked out to try first. I’m crossing my fingers because she is still a cooking newbie and I’ve learn to expect the unexpected when she is in the kitchen!

LEGO Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Knight Bus Building Kit (403 Pieces)

The knight bus was such a wacky and vivid part of the Harry Potter stories. I mean this would be a standout piece for any collection. I can’t imagine anyone able to pass up checking out a purple triple decker bus, whether they have heard of Harry Potter or not.

Not heard of Harry Potter??? Have they been living under the sorcerer’s stone or what?!

LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Tournament Building Kit (265 Pieces)

OK so let me break this down: Lego dragon, Lego fire, Lego dragon egg, 4 wands, 4 characters, and a champions tent. This is cool even before you get to fly Harry Potter against a Hungarian Horntail on his Firebolt broomstick during the Triwizard tournament?!

And what kid doesn’t want to build a Lego dragon?

15pcs/Set HP Magic Wand Necklace & Keychain Set for Kids

So this doesn’t have stellar reviews but the only comment is positive. Does that mean it’s a great product? Eh, I am not confident. That being said I would absolutely buy this set. I am actually thinking about this for Christmas, keeping the time turner, buying some extra chain at the craft store, and making this into 14 separate gifts for my nieces and nephews.

It would be easy to give away the ring and I could make at least 11 necklaces out of this set. I don’t know many Slytherins though so I’m contemplating who might want that one. Also I couldn’t tell if the deathly hollows charm beside the time spinner is a necklace or ring? It might be worth a gamble if some more reviews don’t pop up soon!

The Noble Collection Harry Potter – Gryffindor Journal

This is a nice looking journal that has primarily good reviews. I like journals and notebooks as gifts and The Noble Collection Store has a journal for each house. This is good for me because my Ravenclaw daughter loves sporting her house gear. I’ll bet my Gryffindor son will soon be showing his house colors too!

Journals aren’t just for kids. Not only are journals a sweet gift for adults who like writing but they are also a nice place to jot things down that you want to remember. This would also be great for anyone who likes writing, illustrating, and making comics. Although if they lean towards drawing more than writing, they would probably prefer paper without lines.

I did read about a reviewer using this journal as a pressbook and scrapbook and they said so far the binding had held up through their “abuse” lol.

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Magical Creatures: No.1 Hedwig

Well The Noble Collection Store has my vote for some of the coolest Harry Potter items I have found on Amazon.

This Hedwig owl with her display case would look stunning on many a book case. This would be a beautiful piece for bird lovers as well. I’m sure they would admire this snowy owl with her intricately detailed collection of books.

Gryffindor Acessories

If you wear a tie to work you can show your Gryffindor house colors with this necktie!

Although, I feel like a scarf is a item we use a lot more at my house, and this one comes with a lightning bolt scar and a pair of round Harry Potter glasses!

Harry Potter Felix Felicis Pendant

The receiver of the necklace has all the luck…hopefully. This necklace got mixed reviews so quality control seems like it might be an issue but it’s such a fun part of the story and a super collectible item. Do you feel lucky?

Harry Potter Tom Riddle Journal with Voldemort Wand Pen – 192 Pages – 8.5″ x 6″

If you are looking for some magic while writing maybe the Tom Marvolo Riddle gold embossed journal speaks to you!

Reviews say the journal is nice but the pen isn’t always available. If not receiving a pen shaped like Valdemort’s wand is a deal breaker, check the description before purchase. At the time of this article the description says it comes with the pen.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Building Kit With Harry Potter Figures (6,020 Pieces)

This Lego set is for building masters! It says for 16 and up in the description and includes 6,020 individual toy castle pieces!

I was impressed because it comes with boats, Hagrid’s hut, a whomping willow, and the four house founders as well as this intricate castle. If you are interested take a look at some of the pictures in the review section, the details on this Lego set are amazing!

The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection

One of my absolute favorite things about the Harry Potter movies is the music. It is both light and dark and a creates a magical atmosphere that is next level! If you are an orchestra fan this is a musical journey that will impress whether you are a huge Harry Potter fan or not.

Enesco Charms Collection Series

If you are, or know a “chibi” fan these fun figurines are too cute! These would look straight up adorable on any bookshelf, movie shelf, or Potter shrine!

Chibi Harry Potter Coloring Book

I really enjoy how they mix fandoms these days. This chibi coloring book is so fun and I know my daughter and nieces are drawn to these extra cute types of designs.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar with Hogwarts Yule Ball Themed Toys – The Goblet of Fire (335 Pieces)

Last but certainly not least is a Harry Potter Yule Ball advent calendar that comes with 6 characters and a festive winter themed play mat. My kids would certainly love a Hogwarts Lego Christmas and getting Harry in a tux and Hermione in her dress is just fabulous!

My Harry Potter Gift Guide 2020

Well this concludes my Harry Potter gift guide for this year! Although I am certain I could keep adding things into infinity, I’ll let that be you guy’s job. If you come across something amazing that I haven’t put on this gift guide, leave it in the comments or send me a message.

Don’t forget to share to all your Harry Potter Loving friends!

Thanks so much for reading with me today, I hope your upcoming holiday season is festive and fun!

Best wishes,


If you haven’t pinned this to your Gift Idea & Harry Potter boards please do!

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