Avon Christmas Items Are Back! (Plus My C-23 Round-Up)

Campaign 23 Ends Monday, October 26th and sales items and prices change.

So this campaign I am trying something new with AvonOvation blog. Featuring products on the blog this way might look the same to you, but if this change works it saves me so much time.

As you will notice though, if you click the picture it only expands the image. It won’t actually take you to the product anymore so you have to look for the links I left. Follow the gingerbread crumbs!

***To view product details and prices click the linked description under the product pictures***

If you wanted something at the C-23 price make sure you get that order in by midnight tonight!

Does everyone else also have great memories of getting Avon in your stocking as a kid? I do! I loved getting little lipstick and perfume samples. I also got chapstick, mini hand lotions, chocolate oranges, other candy, apples, regular oranges, and other things over the years.

Avon always has cute stocking stuffers!

I find it funny how nostalgic I have become about my childhood. Even though household chores are not my strong suit, I do try to make the holidays extra special in our own way. Sometimes that means keeping traditions going or doing something similar depending on the year.

We do love traditions but I also try not to place to much pressure on the to-do list around the holidays. The point is to enjoy the season! Do I push too hard, go overboard, and get cranky some days, yes! Do I love seeing smiling faces when I got a gift just right, absolutely!

Do I love the feeling of a clean home with beautiful decorations, yes I do! Is that home usually mine? Eh, not most years. I’m lucky if I can keep up with just the housework! I do try to at least make a holiday themed area in my home for us to take some pictures and capture those fleeting moments. Even if it’s less “fancy” than other peoples’ holidays that is OK, because we appreciate what we can do and the time we get to spend together.

Holiday Decor

There aren’t too many Avon Christmas decorations this year so I figured I would start there. The decorations can sell out fast, so don’t wait to long if something catches your interest.

The Avon staple products are usually pretty well stocked but even some of the regular products might be hard to get this year. I was told by my upline (A lovely woman named Pat) that packaging for some products has been challenging to get because of corona related delays. I am hoping that this won’t be an issue but I wanted to let everyone know so you all can get what’s important first!

Cute Extendable Leg Greeter

This motion activated Holiday Greeter will record your holiday greeting for welcoming your guests.
I’ve never seen a Tabletop Light-Up Nutcracker before. It’s nice for those that don’t have the yard space for giant light up nutcrackers lol.
Light-Up Greenhouse Scene for your green-thumbed Christmas village owners.
For Holiday loving dog parents there is the Dashing Light-Up Dog.
This Mouse Shelf Sitter is so cute and waaaaay less mischievous than certain elves…
This indoor outdoor Glowing Light-Up Gingerbread Man is battery powered for easy set-up and so festive he might run away with your heart.
This Candy Cane Thermometer and Snow Gauge is so cute and I know my kids would love checking how many inches of snow we got. We live in PA so it’s possible for this almost 3 foot candy cane to be buried on a big snow day!
This Mini Marquee Light-Up Snowflake is nice to add a little holiday cheer to any surface.
Of course it pairs well with this Mini Marquee Light-Up Star decoration. Great now I have Christmas songs stuck in my head. Star of wonder, star of light…

Holiday – PJ’s, Slippers, & More

Reversible Flip Sequin Slippers for if you want to change your slipper color without changing your footwear!
You can’t go wrong with holiday jammies and snuggly slippers!
All is Bright Pajama * Holiday Present Pajama * Holiday Slipper Bootie

Festive Beauty

Holiday Makeup Applicator Ornament & Holiday Beauty Caddy for your makeup-loving loved-ones.
Or this Beauty Caddy if you like pink and black better.

Jewelry with Cheer!

Peppermint Party Collection * Christmas Tree Earrings * Wreath Earrings * Ornament Earrings
Join the waitlist to get notified by email when the products are available!
Snowflake Collection * Bracelets
I love that a lot of these jewelry designs in this picture are still wearable after Christmas too.

My Other Picks for C – 23

Super Skin Care

If you have dry, sensitive, or irritable skin Belif Products are a game changer.

My skin hasn’t looked so good since before my acne years. I use the Moisturizing Bomb to get the 26 hours of hydration.

Also available in the travel size if you want to try it out before you commit.
The Isa Knox Collection is new and has the most amount of actives (in any of the Avon collections) to keep you looking amazing. *Not ideal for sensitive skin, see Belif products*

Dr. Belmeur products are amazing! The Dr.Belmeur Amino Clear Bubble Foaming Cleanser is my favorite! It clears away dead skin cells to keep your pores clean, blemishes at bay, and your skin looking fresh.

Hair Care

New Hair Care that I haven’t tried quite yet. I bought the Rosemary and Sea Salt to try but haven’t finished my 2 other shampoos yet.

I’ll let you know how I like it soon but I’m just excited that this shampoo doesn’t have wheat in it like the Advanced Techniques. It’s nice when your significant other isn’t allergic to your hair lol.
NEW Dr. Groot products are formulated to help reduce scalp irritation and to sooth and encourage more hair growth. I just bought the other shampoo so I’ll review this eventually but it probably won’t be soon. If you try it let me know what you think!

Bath & Body

Veilment CBD & Hemp Products are THC free and the CBD in these products is for the skin soothing benefits.

The Hemp Seed Oil Bathing Bar is my new favorite. It smells amazing, and leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. Hot showers dry skin but I can’t quit!

I can’t figure out what the Bathing Bar fragrance is but I love it. Please tell me if you know!

Beauty – Lips, Eyes, & Brows

Conditioner, Gloss, & Lipsticks – The Nourishing Lipstick is my favorite and the Crave Lip Gloss is good but comes in a smaller tube. You may want to buy the 5 pack of glosses to save some money and get a variety of colors.
Arches & ShadowsI don’t use powder shadows often but if I did these are beautiful neutral collections with both mattes and shimmers. (I use this Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow).

Also if you are looking for long-wearing brow products these are getting some great reviews.

Silver Accessories

Check out Avon’s Jewelry Here — I hadn’t seen this stone before but mystic topaz has really caught my eye.

The earrings were calling my name, and must have been calling everyone else’s too because they are already sold out! Yes I am pouting a little lol.

Outdoor Protection from Sunburn & Insects

Hunting Season is upon us (at least it is here in Pennsylvania). Don’t forget to pick up Bug Guard for the hunters in your life.

This Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Expedition™ Aerosol Spray SPF 28 is unscented and great for keeping ticks and other creepy crawlies at bay.

Men’s Fragrance

Cologne is a nice gift for the holidays and any other time. My favorite cologne isn’t even on this page although the Alpha is a close 2nd.

True Gent is my fav at the moment. My significant has also tried the Blue but the brown bottle is still better in my opinion.

Babience Baby Care

Babience Baby Shark Products are so cute!!

The Pingfong strawberry flavored, flouride-free Toothpaste is on backorder right now but I wanted to shout it out because this container stays so much cleaner than a tube of toothpaste.

I also love the Baby Shark Body Lotion. It is peach scented and goes on so smooth.
Note: If you like fast absorbing lotions you may want to skip this one.

We like it because it’s super moisturizing and applies so smoothly. It’s so easy and the kids love putting it on, while singing baby shark!

Smaller Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Not much to say here, just Classic Avon products that are great for Stocking Stuffers.
* Lip Balms * Hand Cream * Shower Gel * Soaps *

Last Call for this Beautiful Ring – In Size 8 Only

This Hexagon Statement Ring Set – Size 8 is so beautiful I couldn’t pass up featuring it. It’s a surprise to me to because I usually prefer silver.

If you wear an 8 though this is 2 rings for less than $10. I’m sure it won’t be available for long!

If you spend $40 You Can Get this A Box for $10

All That Glimmers A Box come with 2 full-sized products and 2 minis!
Look for a new A Box in every campaign. They have been doing them all year and it’s a great way to try new products, and the little products are great for stocking stuffer too!

Avon’s Love Your Skin Sweepstakes

Click here to go sign up for Avon’s October Sweepstakes, there is only a few days of October left. Where did the month go?

Self-Care Reminder!

Going into the Christmas season I just want to wish everyone joy throughout this busy time. I do wonder if this season is going to be way different because of corona, but I encourage everyone to find ways to have fun and connect, even if being together in person isn’t possible. Though I really hope that everyone gets to spend time with some loved-ones in person! We all just want to be safe and happy don’t we? I wish the best of luck to everyone making hard decisions this year.

Also lots of luck to anyone that feels stretched thin in this coming season! I try to remind myself that there is a balance and I should not try to get everything done all in one day! What will be, will be. I’ve talked with my kids enough about gratitude and seasons of life. Now they expect that we will have lean seasons and bountiful seasons, and that we need to learn to appreciate both. Love is always present and that love, our prayers, and a thankful spirit are the most important parts of the season.

Thanks for reading today. Many blessings to you and yours this holiday season, and may all your celebrations be warm & bright!


Don’t forget to pin to your Christmas and shopping boards, thanks again!

🎄 Avon for Christmas & Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Home Decor, & Campaign 23 Featured Product Round-Up 🎁

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