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Sweet Summer Moments

Summer Reunion

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The weather was perfect on the day of the reunion. The sun was shining and the breeze was warm against our skin. We had driven the whole 2 hours to the community center with the windows down.

We arrived to the reunion about an hour after the food had been served. The table had been picked over but there were still some delicious treats left for us. The baked mac n cheese was long gone but the caprese salad was plentiful and there was still apple pie left.

After we ate 3 of the older men in the family got out there instruments to play. One granduncle had a banjo and another a fiddle. Uncle Eddie got out his guitar.

Everyone wandered out from the community center as the men tuned their instruments. The kids wandered between the pavilion and the well-worn playground. The adults stood around the pavilion and sat on picnic tables chatting waiting for them to play. I shaded my eyes and looked across the field of thick grass. I saw my son walking towards the old merry-go-round and I started walking to meet him there…

This was just a quick moment of my day that I fell in love with. Do you guys have moments like this? Doesn’t it feel like such a privilege when you can catch these moments on camera. Stay in touch by joining our mailing list. Lets share stories. Click here to connect on social media.

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