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Family Tree of Life Floating Birthstones Necklace & My 1st Demo Video

My family ordered this beautiful necklace on Amazon because I wanted a necklace with birthstones for all my family members. This comes with a pack of gem cut and heart-shaped gems and you choose your family’s birthstones and place them in the necklace yourself.

This necklace opens like a locket but has a magnet closure so it doesn’t open by itself but I still try not to wear it around my toddler because she plays with my jewelry.

This was the first demo video I ever posted on youtube! It’s short but sweet and doesn’t include narrative because that is hard to record with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 3 cats running around the house!

This was my 1st attempt at videoing a task. I learned a lot and really enjoyed editing the video. I definitely want to upgrade my lighting, and get a better tripod. I keep telling myself patience is a virtue and I will eventually get my ideal set-up!

How about you? Do you make videos? How did you start out and do you enjoy your set-up? Let me know.

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