Campaign 12 Avon Outlet & Sales

C12 ends tonight at midnight! If you liked the Avon Outlet catalog you will have fun browsing the “Good Buys” category when shopping on my Avon website .

Scroll down to see my video version of the classic Avon Outlet book. They don’t carry it every campaign anymore and my customers miss it.

On my website I scroll down to the “Shop All Good Buys” category so I can see a variety of cosmetics, bath and body, apparel & more.

Anyway checking out the website makes it easier to find out more about products you are interested in. Watching the video really only serves you to get a quick glimpse of what’s on sale this week.

New Digital Catalog & Virtual Makeover Tool

Learn all about Avon’s new beauty products by checking out the digital catalog.

If you think that is cool then you are going to like the new virtual makeover tool even more!

Everyone has liked “trying on” different colors of lipsticks! Look for the “try on” button right under the product title.

AFTER you click “try on” make sure to choose a product color. It’s not available for all the products, but look for this button on many of the color cosmetics.

Avon’s New Virtual Makeover Tool

Click here to follow the link to my Avon website and you can also follow me @AvonOvation on Facebook Youtube Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks so much for spending a moment with me. I hope everyone is having a Happy Memorial Day!

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