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Taking a Panda Drawing, From Illustration, to Product, to Procreate Animation

My 1st attempt at animation with Procreate. My latest attempt at animation, using the group feature, is at the end of the tiktok video.

I really enjoy turning the kid’s drawings into digital art and animations. My niece drew the original panda drawing. You can see her picture in the video below, plus the animation I made at the end.


Took my niece’s drawing from illustration to a simple animation💗🐼#drawing #illustration #panda #animation #aunt #niece #niecelove #nieceandauntie

♬ original sound – 漫威/DC手绘

Since my niece had seen some products we created with her sister’s and cousin’s artwork, she had been very excited to put some of her artwork on some products.

I have finally gotten a device where I can use Procreate, and I am loving it! This was my practice piece and I hadn’t figured out how to use the brush size sliders or the eraser yet but I think the drawing turned out well considering. I had some issues figuring out how to animate the panda but once I figured out how to use groups it became so much easier!

The website I use to design the products is Zazzle. They have high-quality products that you can customize. I set up my designs so you can change the words and make everything you order your own.

I’m thinking about buying her a hat or a bag. She collects pandas too so I’m sure she’d love either one. I’m just trying to figure out what she would enjoy more. I’m leaning towards the hat because she is proud of her artwork, but she is also kind of shy so I’m wondering if it’s too bold and if I should choose one of the other products.

A few of the kids are taking digital art this year, so I’m sure they will keep me busy with new designs. I have one of my own drawings finished but I haven’t posted it anywhere yet. Practicing drawing, writing, animating, creating products, and figuring out how to make the ideas in my head into a fully-realized project is enough to fill my “spare time” plus some.

It’s time well spent, as the kids love seeing their art on physical items, and it’s fun for them to earn a little money. Aunt Courtnay has been super supportive and has a “kid’s art” collection of coffee mugs now. Of course we had to design something special to show how much we love and appreciate her too!

It’s easy enough to change names, and change or add other text on the products if you are interested in getting a panda item for one of your loved ones. Give customizing some items on Zazzle a try and let me know what you think!

I love being able to tell the kids when one of their items sells. They get really excited, and it’s super encouraging for them. While it may not pay for a college or art school education, I hope that it brings them joy and inspires them to keep up with their creative hobbies. In a world where responsibilities weigh heavy and creativity often gets squeezed out, I hope that their creativity keeps it’s importance.

Thanks to everyone who reads my posts and checks out our cool crew’s artwork! We appreciate any and all support. I’m still trying to get familiar with Procreate, I feel rusty at drawing, and I’ve only dabbled in animation ( I took a course one time lol).

I’m working on getting better at graphic arts in general, and I love to share what I find that make my projects easier and my work flow more productive. If you want me to create videos, or write posts on certain subjects let me know!

I haven’t made any tutorials yet but I have really enjoyed Bardot Brush and Genevieve’s Design Studio for figuring out how to use the tools in Procreate. Happy drawing everyone!

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