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Guide to Starting Your First Green Business

*Special thanks to Tina at who is the author of this thoughtful and eco-friendly post. Image via Unsplash Guide to Starting Your First Green Business So, you’re an entrepreneur who also loves the planet and wants to dedicate your career to preserving it. Starting a green business could be the perfect path!  Many companies worldwide… Continue reading Guide to Starting Your First Green Business

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Scratch Art & My Love for Suncatching Window Art

This is my daughter's project that she did absolutely 100% herself with the instruction from the video below. As I am working from home I 100% appreciated she was able to do this independently! So I don't know why but I've always called this stained glass art but apparently it's scratch art and stained glass… Continue reading Scratch Art & My Love for Suncatching Window Art

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Backyard Teepee for Under $10

So I am lucky enough to have grown up in a house with a big yard. Although it comes with a lot of yard work, I grew up having a ton of fun and my kids have a blast here too! We have hordes of bamboo that grows very fast and needs cut back multiple… Continue reading Backyard Teepee for Under $10

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Hand Print Craft – A Tablecloth to a Tree Skirt

"And My 1st Time Making Bias Tape" Hand Print Craft - Tablecloth to tree skirt using bias tape and acrylic paint. First off this wasn't my idea, it was a facebook post sent to me from Billy's sister "my sister" lol. She sent me a message, with a facebook link, wanting us to make a… Continue reading Hand Print Craft – A Tablecloth to a Tree Skirt

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Lava Bead Chakra Bracelet Craft

So the idea for this came from window shopping essential oils on a facebook business page. I love essential oils for many reasons. Mostly I find certain smells very uplifting or relaxing, depending on the oils. If essential oils kill germs in the air, keep me from getting sick, help me focus, or alleviate pain… Continue reading Lava Bead Chakra Bracelet Craft