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Fixing Sentimental Toys aka Barbie Car Repair Shop

Our oldest’s relationship with stuff is just as fraught with difficult emotions as the rest of our family.

That is why when she decided to pass toys to her younger sister I wanted to quickly repair this toy so it wouldn’t break with the 1st rough treatment it experienced in it’s new owner’s hands.

I didn’t think glue would do much to reinforce the top of the car, especially with a preschooler and toddler leaning on it. I’m not betting on how long it will last because in all honesty it was probably used when we got the car many moons ago.

That being said it was still a nice gesture and it still has value to both of my daughters. The holographic duck tape was the quick fix I was looking for.

I don’t know how long our toy VW will last but at least it will be put some space between the initial gifting and damage beyond repair. My youngest didn’t even notice my crappy repair job and I wonder what my oldest will have to say about it. Only time will tell!

Reflective duct tape is a fun Dollar Tree find. I couldn’t find the purple on the website though, so happy hunting (in-store) if you were wanting that same color. I didn’t know they made reflective duct tape though so this was an exciting moment for me.

As someone who just got my soon to be rollerblading brother a neon helmet with the option of a flashing light, you know I appreciate a product that makes being on foot or on small wheels a little safer. Plus adding a little shine on some old things never hurts.

Do you have a tortured relationship with possessions too? We have a hard time getting rid of things and moving on from things lost. Any helpful advice that makes the de-cluttering process quicker and easier would be great!

I’d also love to hear about times you have rehabbed a favorite toy. Did it all go as planned?

Well I hope you have a great day and thanks so much for reading with me!

Kat @CraftingGlow

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