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Tomato Season is the Best!

Garden fresh tomatoes are one of my favorite things about this season. When I was growing up my main chores were to do dishes, dust and vacuum, and water the garden. By the time I was a teenager the outside spigot was broken. So I carried 2 watering cans at a time from the kitchen… Continue reading Tomato Season is the Best!

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Are Plants Seducing Us to Further Their Own Species?

After listening to this audiobook I am certain they are and that certain plants have been extremely successful at manipulating us humans. This book is a fun and thoughtful journey through the more recent history of a few very popular plants the apple, the tulip, the potato, and marijuana. I had no idea that apples… Continue reading Are Plants Seducing Us to Further Their Own Species?


Fairy Gardens for Spring!

I know I am pushing the season but I am so ready for warm sunshine and growing things in my garden! Imagine my excitement when I saw the Enchanted Fairy Garden Collection at the Dollar Tree! I've been wanting a fairy garden for awhile now but life has been busy, and other fairy collections were… Continue reading Fairy Gardens for Spring!

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Greenery for Houseplant Killers & My Favorite “Houseplant” Ever!

Do you know every year I say I am going to get a Christmas cactus and every year I fail to do so! If you aren't familiar with Christmas cactuses is, this is probably what you are thinking... Nope I'm not talking about a cartoon cactus in a Santa hat! These are Christmas cactuses, named… Continue reading Greenery for Houseplant Killers & My Favorite “Houseplant” Ever!


Canna Lilies Spark Joy

So one year, over a decade ago, my mom and I were shopping for pretty flowers to fill wooden planter boxes for our back deck. I was unprepared for the joy these "not so hidden treasures" would provide us the whole season and more. Read on to find out what surprises these plants had in… Continue reading Canna Lilies Spark Joy