Fairy Gardens for Spring!

I know I am pushing the season but I am so ready for warm sunshine and growing things in my garden!

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Enchanted Fairy Garden Collection at the Dollar Tree!

I’ve been wanting a fairy garden for awhile now but life has been busy, and other fairy collections were so expensive that I wouldn’t have wanted to put my figures outside…in the weather…with my children!

The garden decor section at the Dollar Tree is so cute this year😍

I’m so happy that somehow Dollar Tree knew that this was the year to debut this whimsical collection!

I loved Dollar Tree before but they got major brownie points from me this season for adding fairies and gnomes, and they expanded their craft section!! *happy dance*

If you haven’t checked out the craft section at Dollar Tree lately it’s time. If you are used to shopping at pricier craft stores I know your wallet will thank you!
These are the gnomes that wanted to come home with me this shopping trip😁

I think I’m just gonna order the 35 piece collection online though and pick it up at the store to save some money (and maybe use for some cute Easter presents).

Shop Enchanted Fairy Garden Sets Online Now
35 Piece Fairy Garden Collection *Posted March 2021

In the past the Dollar Tree website has been a little confusing about how many units you have to order to get the sets you want.

I am happy to say they have improved that and now include instructions on how many units to order to get the set you want!! Check the description for ordering instructions.

I’m going to keep the apple and teapot houses out of the bigger set for myself, and I already bought the boot figure for a friend. We joke about her being the old woman who lives in a shoe because she has a lot of kids!

I’m hoping she doesn’t read this post before I give it to her but of course this would be the one time she reads my blog right away!

You can also get the 31 piece fairy garden set online for under $20 right now, that one has the fairy doors and so much more cuteness!

Shop Whimsical Fairy Garden Sets Online Now
You can save yourself a few bucks by buying this 31 Piece Fairy Garden Set online and you can get it shipped straight to you, or you can choose to pick it up in-store for free!

Sorry I am easily excitable, can you tell? Well I know I am not the only one…

Don’t forget to pick up your straw hats if you are going to be gardening in the warm sunshine a lot this season❤

So! Happy shopping and happy gardening everyone!! I hope this post made you smile and gave you lots of magical ideas.

Thanks for reading with me today!!

Kat @CraftingGlow

Please pin to gardening boards, thanks!!

Fun Fact: Did you know gladiolus are also know as Sword Lilies?

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