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Backyard Ninja Course & More Fun Outdoor Activities!

My kids love American Ninja Warrior and so when I was looking at swing sets I searched ninja courses just to see if anything was available. Wow, has the selection grown from last year!

This is the ninja slackline we ended up purchasing but the price of this item has gone up since then. We still want to purchase a swing set at some point but we are still trying to figure out how we want our yard set up. We also weren’t thrilled about digging holes, concreting in posts, and then deciding to move everything later.

Plus we were coming up against a weight limit challenge because we needed something that would hold around 900 lbs to give it any longevity. We have at least 10 kids here when family visits and easily 20 kids when we have a friend and family cookout.

So trying to figure out what kind of swing set would work was giving me a headache. So I just decided to buy a ninja slackline to hang on our trees out back, until we we had a spot ready and more funds to put towards a LARGE swing set.

Our slackline included 8 hanging pieces and this gets us about 1/2 the length of the slackline. You can buy additional pieces for your slackline to have different hanging equipment for the full length of the line.

At the price of some of the accessory packs though you may just be better off buying a 2nd slack line kit and having a spare for when the 1st on wears out.

This is a similar ninja slackline to the one we purchased last year and it’s about the same price we paid for ours.

We love that they include the tree protectors in many of these kits to keep the slacklines from injuring the trees.

I will say that our tree protector that came with our kit fell off our big tree but as we only allow 3 kids max at at time on our slackline, and we don’t allow them to bounce on the line it hasn’t injured the tree. The tree protector did stay on the smaller tree but it wrapped almost the full length around the black walnut versus reaching around about half the trunk of the pine tree.

We also bought a rock climbing kit last year with the intention of setting it up but it’s still sitting in a box waiting for us to figure out where to put it. We have it at the ready for when the right time presents itself though. I have no doubt we will come across free wood or a sale that will finally inspire us to build this.

For now the slackline and little cottage similar to this one is keeping the kids entertained.

Since there are so many kids in our family the older ones often build teepees and forts in the yard to make more hidey spaces.

Check out this post to learn how we make an inexpensive teepee for hours of entertainment for the kids.

Last but not least I use the slackline to put out a hammock for a bit of relaxing while the kiddos play outside. This is a big reason why filling the whole slackline with hanging equipment wasn’t super important for us.

This side of the slackline is for mommy relaxing time. I can also sometimes swing my toddler to sleep for nap time in this. This Hammock Chair Swing is one of my favorite purchases in a long time. There are a lot of strings to get tangled in so don’t use this for kids if you aren’t going to supervise them.

Anyhow these are the fun backyard activities we are enjoying lately. Since it’s the beginning of the warm season the kids are rebuilding their strength again. Those hanging knots are so hard to keep your grip on and it really makes the kids work hard!

What are you enjoying in your backyard these days? I am always looking for fun ways to spend more time outdoors! Also if I can keep the kids busy outside it means that I can get in more gardening time!

I hope this post gave you some good ideas of how to have more fun in your outdoor spaces!

I encourage you all to take care and enjoy the sunshine, spring is almost here!! Thanks for reading with me today!

Kat @CraftingGlow

Please share & pin to kids activity and backyard inspiration boards, thanks!

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