Last Call for Avon C7!

You can find the Avon Brochure here or if you prefer you can also view the digital catalog here.

So what’s new? Well Avon has a new vegan skincare line with thoughtful packaging and a boat load of natural ingredients, including a plant based alternative to retinol that will make having fun in the sun so much easier! Bakuchiol does not make your skin photosensitive (light sensitive) like retinol so you can use your skincare whatever time of the day suits you!

I haven’t tried this line yet so I can’t weigh in with how I like it yet but I did purchase a kit to give it a try and will let you know what I think soon.

I’m still loving my Belif Moisturizing Bomb but since the dry season is ending I guess I can shelf my beloved face cream to give this new line a try.

Limited-Edition belif Moisturizing Bomb Tumbler Set - 3
I’m still using my Belif Moisturizing Bomb at the moment because it provides more moisture than any other product I have ever tried without giving me breakouts.

I will say that I think using Dr. Belmeur’s Foaming Cleanser also deserves a lot of credit for keeping my blemishes at bay. Plus I love that this cleanser with amino-acid clears away dead skin cells and gives you such a smooth complexion.

Dr.Belmeur Amino Clear Bubble Foaming Cleanser - 2
Right now Dr. Belmeur’s foaming cleanser is my go to product and the jelly cleanser is just hanging out in my shower.
belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser - 3
I may pass the Belif jelly cleanser to my daughter who hasn’t hit the age where skin issues are a big problem and would benefit from a gentler face cleanser.

Now that I have given the rundown on my current skin care, the other thing I’ve focused on recently is getting my feet sandal ready. Last year my toes looked pretty bad for the beginning of sandal season. While I was too busy to really stress about it I figured I’d get my feet done a little earlier in the season so I wasn’t embarrassed when I went out without sneakers.

Avon Foot Works Pedicure Tool - 1
This Avon Foot Works Pedicure Tool is nice because it’s tidy to store away when you aren’t using it and it has everything you need to scrub and buff your way to soft beautiful feet.
Foot Works Overnight Renewal Trio ($27 Value) - 1
This Foot Works Overnight Renewal Trio ($27 Value) has a easy to carry set with everything you need to get your toenails in shape for summer and it also comes with foot lotions specifically to relieve dry skin and achy feet.
Foot Works Deep Moisture Spa Set ($23 Value) - 1
If you have very dry feet check out the Foot Works Deep Moisture Spa Set ($23 Value).

I like these pedicure sets because they are easy to toss in a bag for traveling and they make it easy to find everything to keep your tootsies looking cute. You may also want some cute toe separators for polishing.

Pro Salon Toe Separator - 1
Gel Finish Duo ($20 Value) - 1
Gel Finish Duo ($20 Value)

Maybe you want to get a new nail color or replace some of that dried out old polish.

I am sad there is no cute travel bags to show you as Avon usually has some cute bags to offer and right now there aren’t any!! Bags aren’t hard to find other places though and you know I will let you know as soon as Avon comes out with new ones.

While we are refreshing our beauty collections though I thought I’d share this Mono Pop Eyeshadow Palette.

Mono Pop Eyeshadow Palette - 4

This Face Shop shadow collection comes in 2 colors schemes with a variety of neutrals, mattes, and shimmers in each.

Birthday Babe Duo ($25 Value) - 1
Birthday Babe Duo ($25 Value)

This birthday babe duo has one of my favorite mascaras along with my favorite Avon tinted lip balm, which has shea butter for creating a soft and beautiful nude lip look.

Bloom Me Up Abox - 1

If you are still looking for more, this Bloom Me Up Abox bundle is a fantastic deal as you get an eyeliner, rosy primer, vitamin c eye brightening cream, and sparkling citrus travel fragrance at just $10 when you spend $40!

Oh and last but not least, if you are looking for some new bling or fashion items check out the Good Buys section of Avon’s website. If you are a clearance shopper you will also love this last chance sale section of their site.

This is my clearance “pick of the week” as I love layered necklaces, silvertone, and turquoise beads.

Thanks for checking out my featured Avon products from this campaign and let me know if you have any questions! These prices are good until midnight tonight when Avon switches to campaign 8 sale prices.

I hope you are enjoying some warmer weather and that you and yours are staying healthy!

Have a beautiful day!

Kat @AvonOvation

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