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FB Parties Aren’t My Thing, So Why Did I Host a Usborn Book Party?

My kids are loving their Usborn books, so while I don’t necessarily love having Facebook parties I do love shining a light on great kids books that are entertaining and educational.

So I have tried or at least looked into just about every direct sales business on the market and these days there are plenty! Most businesses have a preferred sales method they teach that works better than other methods for selling their products.

Since I have tried different direct sales businesses, I have also tried a bunch of different selling methods, Mary Kay parties, Pure Romance parties, Sign-Ups for Melaleuca, and Catalog, Yard Sales, and Event Booths for Avon.

Facebook parties are not really my preferred way to promote items. My friends like to shop when they feel like it and most of them struggle to find time to relax, money to spend, and aren’t easily entertained by participating in games for prizes either.

The reason I hosted a Facebook party was because Maggie asked me too. I warned her that my parties aren’t generally very lucrative and that we’d be lucky to get any response at all but she still wanted to try. This woman has hustle (and she is good at pointing out books that your family will love)!!

My party is almost over but if you love books too here is my shopping link on Usborn.

Maggie pointed out these reusable sticker books, no doubt because I have a toddler, and it brought back all kinds of good memories I had of playing with these as a kid!

So at this point my party has 3 RSVP’s and the participation is hit and miss. Am I crying in a closet right now? Heck no! You can never tell what kind of response you are going to have for a party. This, in fact, is why I decided to stop putting so much effort into trying to sell my own products through parties.

When you do host though, you are doing a wonderful thing for someone’s business by bringing awareness to their products and helping them grow their customer base. Even if you don’t make sales.

I am still having a great time hosting my book party and I know at least a few new people checked out her website.

Usborn has books for book lovers of any age! Although I will say that they don’t have a category specifically for older readers, which if they did that would make shopping for myself a lot easier lol.

On the grand scheme of things getting a few people to check out a website is a win! It’s hard to turn peoples heads in this age of advertising on everything and in everything.

If you have had a party flop in the past it doesn’t have anything to do with your popularity, or how much people like you. It may say more about your shopping habits then anything. I don’t participate in Facebook parties much so I can’t really expect people to buy something from my party “just because”.

I do however shop from my friends’ sales pages because it doesn’t require much participation and I don’t feel guilted into buying something if I don’t find anything I really want.

This is the opportunity I enjoy providing my customers and friends. “Shop at your leisure, I’ll show you the products I’m loving and if something catches your eye here is where you can find it.” That’s more my style of promotion.

For example these survival books have my kids’ names all over them, especially my son who loves Bear Grylls.

You can view my wishlist here if you want to check out what Usborn books I’m looking at for my family.

Now I will say that you have the potential to make a lot of sales at one time with product parties, and you don’t have to buy products in advance either like you would have to for a live event.

I still feel like I get more long-term sales, do less work, and annoy people less with blog posts and posting to my social media pages. I’m selling Avon and doing affiliate sales these days though so my method may not work well for others.

I don’t enjoy personally inviting people to online events because I feel like I am bugging people by messaging them. I did send out invite messages for this party, but I didn’t hound people about RSVPing because I knew it wasn’t going to make a difference in my case.

The low interest level probably had something to do with the fact that several of my Facebook friends had already done a Usborn party very recently, and that’s ok!

Someone somewhere will enjoy the products you are sharing and there is no sense annoying your circle with messages about items they don’t want to buy right now, especially if you can widen your reach!

Facebook parties have never been my best method of sales but you have to do what works for you, and your customer! I still had a good time at my Facebook party learning about the different items for sale and it’s not all reading books either!

Why Shop From Direct Sales Representatives?

I love supporting direct sales representatives because it can help busy people and families earn some extra money.

Some people have schedules that make it hard to fit in enough hours of work to support their family. Direct sales is a way for someone to increase their income in the hours in between other obligations.

At this point in my life I only buy products that I know my family will use or items that will make a nice gift for someone else. For example I knew that these magic paint books would entertain my toddler (and the rest of us too)!

I do follow Facebook business pages because sometimes I catch something I love, just scrolling down my Facebook feed. My friend Erica just sold me some Paparazzi jewelry that way recently.

What to Know Before Signing Up for Direct Sales

If you don’t absolutely love some of the company’s products, keep looking for a new direct sales company.

Sometimes business is good and sometimes it’s not. If you aren’t willing to spend out of your own pocket for your products in the lean times you will become one of the pushy sales people who drive potential customers away.

I like businesses that don’t cost a lot to maintain and that offer you your own website so customers can shop at your store whenever they feel like it. For example if you love coloring books and posters you can color you can shop for them here, whenever you feel like it!

Picture of Friendship Quotes

Direct Sales Teaches How to Run a Business

This is my favorite part about shopping with direct sales representatives. Selling anything can teach you a lot about business and gives sellers a reason to learn about social media marketing.

Yes signing up for a direct selling business costs money, but even if you end up spending a good bit on your new business it’s still probably way cheaper than paying for a business degree. Plus it’s fun to earn money while you are learning new skills.

I love knowing that I am supporting individuals and families by purchasing products from them. Even if they don’t end up staying with their current direct sales business, they take that business and sales knowledge through the rest of their lives.

I have a degree in computer science and I wouldn’t know half of what I know about tech or social media marketing if I hadn’t been trying to market my own products for sale.

I pursued that knowledge on my own trying to earn extra money for my family. Seeking knowledge is something I encourage in my own family members too.

Picture of Understanding Complete Library Collection (5)
Books are a great way to learn new skills, you get a break from screen time, and books are easier to read in the sunshine!

Because I know the sale of products helps families provide and helps those business owners learn how to be successful in sales, I tend to look the other way when someone gets a little pushy with party invites.

It takes little to no effort on my part to scroll past an unwanted invitation and I don’t get upset when I get invitations from friends who don’t reach out to me unless they are trying to sell me something.

Yes it would be nice if we could chat from time to time without someone trying to sell something, but lets be honest I’m busy too and I realize they are just trying to make a living and maybe crawl out from under debt and possibly poverty.

Wrap Up

So while Facebook parties aren’t my thing I did host one because I was asked. Even though I advised that my parties were generally not very successful Maggie is trying hard to grow her business so I wanted to try and help her out. I feel good that I put in effort to help her grow and gain more business and more interest in her products, hopefully!

This event did remind me why I personally don’t use Facebook parties as my preferred sales method, but it also gave me a reason to write a post about what kind of books appeal to my family, and why I support direct sales representatives.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read with me today. Hopefully this post gave you some helpful information and some fun reasons to support direct sales associates in your social circle.

If you did decide to purchase anything while reading with me today, both Maggie and I send our heartfelt thanks! I hope everyone is enjoying the 1st week of spring!!

Take care, and thanks again!

Kat @CraftingGlow

Please share and post to small business & social media marketing boards, thanks!!

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