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The Best Waffle Maker (Why I Bought it, & What’s So Special About It)

Whether you are staying home for covid or are eating gluten free, Belgian waffles are a wonderful treat that is easier and cheaper to get then you’d think.

So maybe in other years lack of being able to eat waffles wouldn’t be a big issue for most. You would be able to walk-in to your favorite local diner order yourself a beautiful golden waffle and have any toppings from strawberries and whipped cream, to turkey and gravy. I have loved waffles ever since getting my 1st one at a Denny’s so many years ago. In the words of Leslie Knope, “Oh it’s the best thing on the menu.” I hope everyone is as big of a fan of waffles, and Parks and Rec as I am!

So Billy has been eating a gluten-free diet for many years now and we have seen an incredible improvement in his health. It is absolutely worth every effort to keep gluten out of his diet but as a result many of our meals gluten-free and we don’t eat out in diners and restaurants very often.

We had had a square waffle iron from before he went gluten free but we had given it away. It looked something like this but it only had the waffle pattern and didn’t have detachable plates.

We had been pretty sure there would still be wheat flour in it even if we cleaned it a million times, and it and it seemed silly to put in all the effort to cook something Billy wouldn’t be able to eat. Especially since I could still order my waffles when I went out. Alas we don’t go out to eat often, our Denny’s closed, and it had been a really long time since I got any waffles.

Well when we got our tax return money last year Billy asked if there was anything I wanted and I said a waffle maker. Would you believe he tried to talk me into another square waffle iron?! I was like absolutly not!

If you regularly eat gluten free you know that the flours tend to make a denser and less fluffy baked good. I was pretty sure we needed the Belgian waffle iron to create all those lovely square shapes and keep our waffles light and fluffy.

When I started looking at waffle irons I was searching for a Belgian waffle iron that would flip over, knowing that it was going to be humongous and take up way too much of my already limited cupboard space. The last time I had bought a waffle iron was for a bridal shower and they had a giant pantry space to work with. If storage isn’t an issue there are so many waffle irons that could bless your kitchen space such as this Belgian Waffle Maker from Hamilton Beach.

For us though I was searching for a place in our kitchen where I wouldn’t be cursing daily having some clunky waffle iron that managed to be in my way all the time. Cue *heavenly music*

I was beyond excitted when I saw the Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker, Black. Number 1 it matches our kitchen which usually isn’t my first concern but it was nice. Number 2 it flips so you get a evenly cooked gorgeous golden, fluffy waffle. Last but not least it stores upright!!

So much applause to whoever came up with this space saving design! It is literally just a piece of sturdy plastic that keeps the waffle iron standing but it’s an important piece that saves so much space in my kitchen. I can fit my waffle iron in my cupboard instead of leaving it on my counter and stacking things on top of it, or throwing it in a bottom cupboard and having to dig it out every time we want waffles!

I have been so impressed with this waffle maker. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, it’s space saving, and it makes amazing waffles! Sometimes you don’t know if a product that is developed for wheat foods will work for gluten-free ones too, but this one does! We were so worried when cooking our 1st waffle because the waffle iron’s instructions say do not add oil or cooking spray to the iron. We were so worried that our gluten free waffles would stick but they came out beautifully and were perfectly cooked!

This is our favorite gluten free pancake mix that also has instructions for waffles on the back of the box. A helpful cooking tip I got from Billy was the waffle is almost done when the steam stops leaking out of the sides of the iron. It was a game changer for me because I always used to burn waffles or make a sloppy mess when I peeked into the iron to check my waffles! I still don’t make pretty pancakes but I can live with that!

If you want a good laugh try to imagine me trying to make waffles with this stuffed waffle maker!

I get the feeling Billy would love this though. Probably to make sandwiches, and fruit, peanut butter, and chocolate filled waffles. I can see his sister making up some crazy delicious desserts too.

For me, some things are better left uncomplicated and I’ll take my other ingredients on top because I’m simple like that. The one exception is pumpkin for making pumpkin waffles but for that you add pumpkin to the mix, no stuffing required. Generally we just buy some canned pie filling to warm up and put on top on the waffles.

The other necessity for my family is whipped cream and you can find most of the ingredients I listed at your local grocery store. If you don’t need gluten free mix there are a ton of waffle mixes to choose from or you can just make some from scratch.

We don’t make gluten free mixes from scratch yet because the flours are notoriously hard to work with, you need several kinds to mix together, and they are not cheap. If you do eat a gluten free diet, I hope you have the gluten free Krusteaz mix at your Walmart. It’s a lot cheaper there but if I had to, I still would order it at higher prices to have my waffles.

Bless Billy who makes waffles pretty regularly because I will hint (only 5 or 6 times in a day) that waffles would be so great for dinner! If you haven’t noticed by now that I can be a total pain in the…well now you know! Lol. Billy is incredibly sweet and will make everyone waffles, and it’s a meal that the whole family gets excited about. Have you ever heard 3 kids screaming because they are so excited for dinner?!

Anywho I made this post ridiculously longer than it needs to be, as usual. I do hope this got you thinking about how delicious breakfast (or dinner) foods can bring joy to you and your family. I am certain I am not the only one who was deprived of waffles during these strange corona times.

I hope you are yours are happy and healthy and finding joy in the simple things.

Best wishes!


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A post about my favorite waffle maker on Amazon, why I chose it and why I love it.

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