Amazing Hemp Shampoo & Macadamia Oil Products

It’s been a little while since I posted anything new about Avon. It’s been pretty busy over here and we were using every spare moment to enjoy the warm weather before school started. I bought a bundle with a few of these products and it was such an inexpensive way to be able to try some of the products in Avon’s luxury line. So of course I had to share some money-saving info with everyone.

The shampoo is nourishing and smells amazing! It smells a lot like my favorite Veilment hemp soap and I have yet to figure out what the scent it. If you know what the fragrance is please share and help a girl out!

The shampoo bottle is super fun though and I am lucky I figured it out because it didn’t come with any instructions. When I received my shampoo I thought they messed up and forgot to send me the pump but when I checked out the cap it looked unusual. Turns out you just pull the top up and squeeze out the shampoo. As you scoop up your shampoo it automatically closes the bottle which is helpful if you have kids that knock over bottles and don’t pick them up. It’s different from my other shampoo bottles so of course I was entertained!

The Elastine HempharmX Weightless Hydration Conditioner does what it promises and makes hair soft and silky-smooth without adding any weight. I appreciate this because my straight as a ruler hair doesn’t need any additional help laying flat! It also has the amazing fragrance I love.

If you are sensitive to fragrances you might want to see if you like the smell of the Veilment hemp soap because it’s a lot less expensive to try it first and the fragrance is very similar in my opinion.

These macadamia oil products are also very fun and super effective. I generally use bar soaps because I find that they provide the moisture my skin needs and I don’t struggle with dry skin as often (except for in the coldest months in winter).

That being said I love the Macadamia Oil Foaming Shower Gel. I enjoy foaming products and this one was so rich and smelled like a nutty sugary dessert. My skin was super soft after the shower and I didn’t even have to use the body mousse because my skin felt happy after just the shower gel.

I did try the body mousse later with my toddler and it didn’t irritate her sensitive skin at all (some lotions will sting her eczema and this didn’t). It is light, smells good, disappears into the skin almost instantly but leaves a beautiful sheen without feeling greasy. I also got Billy to try it since it’s foam and not a lotion and he said “it wasn’t too bad” which is high praise for him lol!

I wanted to get this post out last campaign because these products were a featured bundle. I didn’t get it posted as fast as I wanted but I still wanted to share that checking out the Featured Offers under Sales and Specials and the Gift & Value sections can save you a lot of money. I know it helps me save a lot of money on my products over the course of a year.

Another great way to save on products is to check out the Good Buys section of the website. It is hit and miss but I find a lot of great deals in the Good Buys section as Avon says good bye to the products for the season or as they sell the last of certain items.

The third way I save money is by being a rep because Avon gives you a discount on products and tries to make it worth your while to buy the newest items (so you will spread the word on the latest and greatest). It’s not for everyone but if you are interested in signing up it’s free (at the time of this post).

The newest item I am looking at is the fmg Glimmer Lip Plumper. It’s been awhile since they’ve had a plumping lip gloss so I was really excited to see this in the Avon product catalog.

fmg Glimmer Lip Plumper - 3

I know we have a lot of fun with Avon and I hope you do too. Anyway, thanks for reading with me and I hope you have a beautiful day today!


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