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Trying to Re-Create My Mom’s Jambalaya

I miss my mom so much. It’s hard not being able to ask her all the questions that make me think of her. Craving meals she used to make is definitely bittersweet.

On one hand if I have the recipe and am able to re-create it, I get to revisit good memories through good food. On the other hand when I don’t have the recipe, then I have to go on missions to try and re-create the meals as best as I can. Some of these journeys have been easier than others. This is my journey to re-creating “her” jambalaya recipe.

Since I had to cook the whole meal before taste testing the recipes I found, I thought finding a jambalaya that looked similar could be a time saver. When I found this recipe it looked very similar to my mom’s version.

As I cooked I remembered some specifics of her method along the way. 

I didn’t measure an exact amount of the vegetables I put in. I just cut up different colored peppers, and put in what I managed to keep my kids (and myself) from eating. The kids love raw peppers!

I left out okra because it’s gross. No shade if you like it though, to each their own. I used basmati rice because my dad really liked it and bought it in bulk. I’m not sure how long rice keeps any nutrition, but the last of what he bought is still edible, and I’m sure even if the nutrition fades the calories stick around. Waste not, want not!

Basmati rice has a great nutty flavor, keeps its integrity, and has a wonderful aldente texture. I find it easier to cook than most other rice, and it doesn’t tend to get as starchy and mushy. It’s what my mom used for everything that called for rice. I’m not sure what traditional jambalaya calls for, but it’s yummy none the less.

My results were almost spot on to mom’s. The one big difference took me a little bit to notice. I like green pepper but she wasn’t a fan. It had slipped my mind until I was looking at the jambalaya to compare them.

I didn’t notice the green pepper changing the flavor of the meal significantly, but I almost guarantee she would have noticed, and preferred it without.

What lost recipes have sent you on a personal mission? I know a friend of mine was trying to re-create a family members’ cranberry salad around the holidays.

Do you write down teasured recipes to pass down to your family? Do you prefer recipe books, binders, or box sets with cards?

Now if only I could figure out how to write down recipes in pen, without making mistakes. The recipes written in pencil don’t seem to have the longevity that pen does, but writing without mistakes is so challenging!

Thanks for reading with me today. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and making amazing memories!

Kat @CraftingGlow

3 thoughts on “Trying to Re-Create My Mom’s Jambalaya”

    1. That’s wonderful that a few of you can help each other out with the recipes. I may find her exact recipe around the house at some point, but for now I’m making a lot of educated guesses! I didn’t do so bad on this recipe adventure, and I made her beef stroganoff more recently. My next trial and error will be figuring out her hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict.


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