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Why Choose Avon? Over Brand Ambassador (and other direct marketing businesses)

Avon is My Favorite Business

Avon is a fun way to earn extra money by working from home.

I have so much fun trying different products and Avon has so many! This post is more about Avon the business though, so if you were looking for product reviews this is not your post.

We do have great products, and for those of you wanting to know more about the products, most of my reviews are on social media at the moment.

You can find me on social by searching @AvonOvation and if you want to see what else I am up to you can find me @CraftingGlow too.

I will be posting more reviews on the website shortly. This post in particular has been a challenge for me. I struggled to organize my thoughts and tell the story of what drew me back to Avon.

I wanted to give good information in my post without it turning into a book. It’s a pretty long read already. I could talk so much more, but I will spare you!

I do want to mention that I talk about my favorite reason at the end of my post. So if you are in a hurry and just want to skip to that part, feel free. I just appreciate you taking the time to click on my link. Thank you! Now about Avon as a business.

I have tried them all! No, not really, but I have tried 8 different home based businesses and researched many others. Avon always feels so effortless for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it does take work but I don’t have to “be fake” to sell Avon. Avon’s mission has always been about creating a healthy company that grows by helping others.

In this post I will discuss why:

  • Avon is My Favorite Ready-To-Own Business
  • An Avon Business Saves You Money
  • Avon Lifts Families Out of Poverty
  • Avon Provides Customer & Team Support with Training and Leadership
  • An Avon Business Can Fit Into Your Life
  • Avon’s Flexible Sales Style is Timeless
  • The Social Media Support Helps Boost Visability Quickly
  • Being the “Sales Type” Doesn’t Matter

Avon makes it easy to sell both economy and luxury products at different price points. I always say Avon sells everything but the kitchen sink. They don’t sell hair clips or intimate romance products but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started!

Avon has tons of different product lines including:

  • Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Fragrance
  • Kids Products
  • Bath and Body
  • Men’s Products
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Home Goods

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Click here to check out my website! I post the links again at the bottom of the page so they are easy to find, hopefully.

Avon for Everyone

I love that Avon feels inclusive and inviting. It’s super exciting that they just paired with The Face Shop!

Avon partnered with The Face Shop and now brings more luxury skin care products to Avon representatives and customers.

The Face Shop brought with it the best in Korean beauty, and Avon has been offering the sales brochure in both English and Spanish for years now. Avon also offers a variety of products made for different skin types and tones.

Avon is a company directed at women but does not exclude men. Avon includes products for men and encourages them to have their own Avon business as well.

Not only does Avon carry men’s products but men can own Avon business too.

Avon is an even better fit for me, now that I can get natural skin care products free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals.

Green Goddess is Avon’s 1st CBD Facial oil. It reduces redness and this dry oil helps balance and control oil glands to reduce clogged pores and acne.

The CBD and other ingredients moisturize and improve the look of skin while reducing skin inflammation and irritation.

It is sustainably sourced in the US, it is suitable for sensitive skin, and the packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable. It is vegan, and cruelty free while also being free of phthalates and parabens.

Now that is a holy grail of a product. I love to see what is going on inside a company, “under the hood” so to speak. Believe me, once you order a product, try it, and read the ingredient list, you learn a lot about the product and the company.

Espira strives to create products that help you achieve your goals while feeling vibrant.

Whether you feel tired and sluggish or need help calming an anxious mind, Espira provides options for customers and reps alike.

Avon has a newer line of health support products called Espira. It has protein shakes, greens drink products, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Avon also has two essential oil blends now.

Did you know Avon offers vegan and sustainable product options too? They keep me well-stocked in great products and busy trying new things!

I Love A Discount

The reason I have tried so many different businesses is because I would rather get my products at a discount. This way I can try more products and see how the businesses run.

Of course Avon is my favorite business of the bunch. I love how they keep costs low and offer customers different ways to shop. They also provide representatives a variety of ways to shop and sell.

Now some of the things I love about Avon may not be the best fit for everyone. Offering some lower cost items can be confusing for newer reps and have them wondering how they will make money. I call those low-cost items, trust building products.

The benefit of the lower cost items are that it gives customers the opportunity to try shopping with you at a lower cost to them. Once you trust each other, customers are more willing to try and buy the higher priced items.

Another way the discount is good for business is that I don’t often ask if people are interested in joining Avon. I ask if people would like to look through a brochure and I let them shop.

If they remark on wanting more than they are able to afford, which is ineveitable😂, I let them know that they can get a discount for signing up.

Avon “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” A Fundraiser Donating to the American Cancer Society

Not everyone wants to start their own Avon business, but 20-25% off all products to start is way better than discounts offered at Target or Lowes. Plus you get to shop from home, or during your kids dental appointment. Avon also offers “fast start” programs for reps who are just starting, where you can win yourself an even bigger starting discount. I think when I started I got a 40% discount for a few campaigns but didn’t sell enough at that point to keep that discount.

My goal is to sell at least $5000 worth of product this year so I get an even better commission next year. To some of you that sound like a lot but it adds up fast over the whole year so don’t talk yourself out of it so quickly. That is just my goal, no pressure, you do you. Whoever is out there thinking that that is a low goal, you were born to sell. Check out my site, lots of changes have taken place since the last time you took a look. I’d love to have you on my team!

No worries if you aren’t interested in having a business right now. I have talked to people about why it would save them money to sign up. Some people just like the shopping and don’t want to have a business.

That is absolutely fine by me, customers are great for business too! I just want everyone to know that they have options and Avon is a great company. Everyone has their own life to consider, and people I have thought weren’t interested sometimes come back later, ready to start😁 If you aren’t sure I recommend trying it out.

The philosophy at our house is if you really want to do it, just do it, and figure out how it fits in as you go. I get so excited about learning new things and the possibilities for the future that I am happier with Avon in my life. Now the family pitches in and it makes them happier too! Not Billy though, he is just here for the cologne! Although he will keep the kids out of my way if I working on something that becomes challenging with them around.

Lifting Families Out of Poverty

Like I said, Avon suits me the best. I love that I can help people find products that fit their budget. I love that I can provide economy or luxury products to every family.

It makes me happy that I can teach women, men, and my kids how to run a business and then they can get those luxury products for an economy price, or free!

Avon is a work from home business that provides a way for families to earn extra income and shop for great products at a discount.

Avon also keeps the shipping costs low, they provide great social media content for keeping followers engaged, and they have a flexible sales model. I can sell Avon products online or out of brochures, and I choose both!

Did I mention you get a free beautiful website that is as easy to customize as your social media sites? Avon takes care of all the tech and you get a beautiful sales site to share with all your friends and followers.

Avon Provides Customer & Team Support with Training and Leadership

You also get a FREE BUSINESS AND SALES EDUCATION when you join Avon. They provide an education center that teaches you everything about sales, products, and growing your Avon business.

You get so much help and guidance from your team leaders. Everyone is so friendly and supportive at Avon. We are invested in your success too, so you can count on support when you need it.

I love my sales leader, a lovely woman named Pat. She provides great resources without ever pressuring me to meet quotas.

I have 3 kids, and a full time job, and the business fits so perfectly into my busy life. I work my business in my “spare time” lol.

Avon Business Owners Work for Themselves but Never Alone

I know that if I work this business at my own pace it will just grow and grow. I focus on really serving my customers and providing them with the best value possible. I get to be their personal shopper and find products and sales they will love, BEST JOB EVER!

“Why would you want me as your sales leader?”, you ask. Well I am an expert at customer service and keeping happy customers coming back time and time again. I also have a degree in web design and interactive media.

That means I can teach you to build a blog and how to create and share visually compelling content. I love the power of social media and I can teach you how to get plenty of exposure for free and grow your social media pages.

I teach how to film fun videos and take great photos, and how to get the best content for the least amount of money. It’s easy to share Avon’s content when you are just beginning but showing your original self is where the true magic happens.

I started with a good smart phone, a Galaxy S10 and a printer. The phone allows me to edit videos, create content, and post on social media.

The printer is nice because you can print customer and business invoices at home, but you could pay a quarter at the library to print papers if you are just starting.

I also screen-shot invoices and send them over messenger to save money. See, I am a money saving genius!

Anyway if you are considering joining Avon, now is the best time. They are running a promotion where you can JOIN AVON FOR FREE!

The promotion is running from February 5th – March 31st. I am 100% sure you will never be able to join Avon for cheaper than free😂

Starting an Avon Business is as Easy as Creating a Profile and Placing an Online Order

Freedom to do Business My Way

I love being creative and marketing appeals to me. So I have been marketing as a hobby for years. Hopefully, not in an annoying way but as in “hey I love this product, it really works, have you tried it?”.

This is one of the reasons I prefer having my own business. I enjoy the freedom to only recommend the products I love (vs products that are only “kinda cool”).

I don’t have a boss I need to please so I can give totally honest reviews. I think many people believe that a “too honest” review will be bad for business but I disagree.

I believe if you are totally transparent, you build trust with your customers. Building relationships takes time but it paves the way to a solid business.

I would rather take my time, create solid relationships based on trust, and find great customers and team members.

If you have ever wondered if work can be fun, YES! I have fun with my Avon business because I love the people!

Open communication helps people find the information they need.

Whether they need information for finding their perfect business, or finding their next favorite product, I feel it’s important to provide accurate and honest feedback.

I try the products I believe will work best for me, and do my best to get around to writing about them.

Sometimes Avon sends free samples for reps to try too, so I also get products to try that way. I want to give fair reviews, so I will look at a product through multiple scopes.

Is it long-wearing, moisturizing, or matte? Is it better for dry or oily skin? Is the finish dewy, glowy, glossy, or powdery? Would it be good for acne prone skin? Is this a product that works best for mature skin?

Like I said, giving accurate and helpful information helps lead customers to new and progressive products.

Avon’s Sales Style is Flexible

I prefer Avon’s sales style the best. You can post prices online, so everyone can see the cost of an item before they click on it. So if you click on the most recent content, you know what the price is before you go searching for it on a website.

Another reason to love Avon is because of their return policy. I have had good experiences returning products to Avon. Not all products are a winner for each customer and I know Avon’s customer service is great.

As a brand ambassador instead of a business owner, you may not have the authority to take care of your audience who has purchased your recommended product. This is frustrating and can impact your reputation.

It’s nice to feel confident in the company you choose to do business with. In my case it makes it easy for me to recommend Avon without worrying that I over-promised anything.

We all do our best to take care of our customers. I enjoy knowing that if a customer has an issue with a product I recommended, that Avon will make it right.

Avon is Making Strides Against Breast Cancer by helping women raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society

Why would I Choose to Earn Less Commission to Sell Avon?

Would you believe I chose to make less money on products sales to sell with Avon?! Well the simple answer is I make less per product but I sell more! Less commission per product doesn’t always mean less money.

With Mary Kay and Pure Romance you get more commission per product but the products are more expensive and there are higher shipping costs. Some businesses don’t want you to post prices on social media either.

It can be disappointing for customers to see a product they love and, when they click on it, they find out it is way outside of their budget.

I love that I can post the campaign prices up with the items for sale. I find it easier and more convenient for myself and shoppers alike.

Another challenge with many home based businesses, is the selling model is mostly parties held outside your own home.

Is anyone going to pay that much for products without trying them? I mean, I don’t. Yes, those companies have great products but they weren’t a great fit for me. I also didn’t like the pressure of meeting quotas when I was just starting my business.

Someday I will write out the comparison of the business plans of the other businesses I have tried.

I have been a rep for Mary Kay, DoTerra, Young Living, Melaleuca, Tiny Tillia, Lilla Rose, Pure Romance, and Avon.

For now, if you want my honest opinion you will have to email me at AvonOvation@gmail.com

Avon Makes Sharing on Social Media So Easy

Did you know that Avon supports social media sharing? This means I don’t have to come up with all my content from scratch.

As a brand ambassador you may make more, or less money, than being an Avon Rep, but you have to take all your own photos. You have to write all your own stories, and create all your own videos. This only happens after your social media gets good enough to win you an ambassadorship. If you are highly creative maybe this sounds like a dream.

I am very creative and I still appreciate the assistance with coming up with content. I certainly don’t have as much time as I would like.

With my day job, 3 kids, a significant other with a chronic illness, a disabled mother, and an autistic brother. Some days run well and others are incredibly busy.

Having an Avon Business Means You Are Able to Learn and Grow at Your Own Speed

My plan is to transition slowly into working from home but with all that is going on, I just go with the flow.

It is however, very important for me to have a way to make money if I have to miss work for a sick family member. It makes life a little less painful if I don’t take a massive pay cut every time someone gets sick.

The social media support with Avon is great because you can post content easily whenever you have a spare moment. I am all the time posting new products and information while I am in the waiting room for appointments, or waiting in the church hallway while my kids take karate class.

When you are just trying to remind the world that your store exists it’s nice not to have to come up with a new post from scratch every single time.

If you want to make your own content all of the time, that is great too. You get to choose your own business marketing style.

Just like personalizing your wardrobe, you get to personalizing your business for you and your customers.

What if I’m not the Sales Type

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time working. I work at work, I work at home, I cart kids from activity to activity. I feel like I might get depressed doing this same routine day-in and day-out, but I don’t feel sad and it’s because of the people.

When I am dragging and think I just don’t have enough energy to go on, I start chatting with a friend or co-worker and the good conversation renews me. This is why surrounding yourself with great people is so important.

Do I bring up Avon first thing with everyone I meet? No! Because I don’t want people running the other way when they see me coming because they think I am about to “hit them over the head” with the Avon opportunity😂

Now you know why my business is slow growing, but I really want people to know that I am interested in their well-being regardless of whether or not I “get something out of it”.

The reason I mention this is because I want to present everyone with the idea that you don’t have to be super outgoing or a despicable person to be in sales.

Most people think there is a “sales type” and that is just a myth. Don’t alienate your friends! If they are excited keep talking, if they are suspicious take your time.

Do you want your friends telling you “all about” something you have no interest in? Bring up products as problems come up naturally in conversation. Once you have their interest tell them all about it.

Anyway most people have good memories associated with Avon so you almost never need to talk someone into looking at a brochure.

Fragrances capture a moment and can “take us back” in a powerful way. Just like seeing Avon products you experienced as a kid. For me it was chapstick, hand lotions, and perfume and lipstick samples.

People are usually super excited about seeing an Avon book because it brings back good memories.

Customers often will lose their Avon rep for one reason or another. This means if you are consistent your business will grow naturally.

Even though I don’t talk about Avon all the time, everyone knows I have an Avon business and I enjoy it. I will give my customers reminders if they want them, and I try to have a book available at all times.

I have also made fun social media accounts so people can browse and learn about products that peak their interest.

If you don’t scare people away by pushing your business on everyone, people will continue to take a peek at products here and there. When they see a product they can’t live without, you get a sale and it soon grows from there.

A way to grow your business faster is to carry products for people to try, or to either have or attend events. I do carry products for people to try but I haven’t shared Avon at an event lately.

My youngest kid is at the “getting into everything” stage so it’s hard to get a babysitter. When she is older I can work my business differently. This is what everyone is talking about when they say “a business that fits your lifestyle.”

Why wouldn’t you start a fun business that helps you save money, and earn an income, while teaching you about sales and business, and gifting you samples and recognition rewards.

In conclusion Avon makes it easy to sell economy and luxury products. They also provide a lot of support in helping you to find a sales style that fits you and your business.

  • Avon is My Favorite “Ready-Made” Business
  • Join Avon and Get Product Discounts
  • Start a Business and Make More Money
  • Get a Business Education through Avon
  • Choose a Business that Makes Selling Products Easy
  • Flexible Sales Styles are Great for Finding New Customers
  • Social Media Sharing is Easy With Avon
  • You Don’t Need to be the Sales Type to be an Avon Business Owner

Now for my promised personal reasons for coming back to Avon. For starters, I missed it (and needed eyeliner)!

Shopping at Home is Relaxing

Shopping for beauty products with my kids at the store is not what I would call fun. I find shopping from home helps me to buy the best products. It’s so much more relaxing then tearing down the Target or Walmart aisle with kids asking about everything.

I like being able to take my time picking colors, checking ingredients, and having time to choose between similar items. Gardenia scented lotion or jasmine? Well for me it’s jasmine every time but it’s nice to have time to consider if I need it.

Creative Use of Mom Guilt

I am a writer and content creator by heart. Do you ever feel guilty for doing your hobbies? Like you should be doing something like cleaning or working to make money instead of doing a fun project?

I wouldn’t call this healthy guilt but I make it work for me by adding creative marketing tasks to my to do list. This helps my creative spirit while earning money for my family.

I still make time for purely fun projects too, but I tend to postpone my personal creative time when other tasks need doing. Since Avon is my business it can’t be postponed so I get my creative time in every week.

Inspiring Family

The last and best reason is that I get to work with my family (when they aren’t driving me bonkers). I have 2 daughters and a son. My daughter read the Lemonade Wars book in school and wants to earn money.

I am teaching her how to help with the business. I figure it helps with math and gives her some business and sales experience. In a world where “real-world skills” aren’t always taught in school, I figured it was smart to teach her. Plus I get to teach her the value of integrity in business before she goes out into the world.

My 7 year old son will be helping me with my books next. He is gifted in math and I doubt I will have to teach him much about sales either. He is intuitive and a good listener so he will be a natural at knowing what products appeal to different people.

For now my littlest daughter is still trying to eat pages out of the catalog but I have no doubt she will want a piece of the action too. I post her on my social media more than the other two kids so I guess she already has a piece lol.

The other two would love to be more involved with my media pages but I want them to really make sure they feel comfortable with that. Babies change their looks so much and that’s why I haven’t been as worried about posting her photo.

For the older kids we will post a photo occasionally and they are allowed to write content with mom’s approval. They love being a part of the family business and I am sure will take on more and less as they grow and change interests. I’ll just be happy I got to teach them a little about running a good business focused on taking care of customers and making people happy.

Do you have a beauty dilemma? I’m here to help answer your questions. Are you seeking something similar to a product you had before. Or do you have questions about products?

Did you have any more questions about starting an Avon business that I didn’t answer?

Please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page, or contact me via email, social media, or the contact form on my homepage. I try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading. I truely appreciate your interest and I hope I was able to answer most of your questions.

Click here to get your free online Avon store! Offer expires 3/31/2020

Click here to shop my store. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks again!