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Do Try-On or Digital Makeup Tools Really Work?

Finding My Perfect Nude Lip

I created a video because I knew people would want to know how accurate these try-on tools really were. I also knew from being an internet skeptic myself that no one was going to believe me about whether or not I thought they worked because I am an Avon rep myself. This means I’m not exactly what you would call an impartial judge.

All that being said I figured I would just make a video comparing the lipstick I got with the tool and I would let everyone else be the judge. I still do share my thoughts about the try-on tool later in this post but I wanted to share something that would let people form their own opinion. Feel free to share what you think about this digital makeover tool in the comments below or find me on the socials @CraftingGlow.

So I used Avon’s Try-On tool to try and replace my everyday “nude” lipstick. Before I get crucified for calling this a nude lip here is an article by Refinery29 discussing what falls under the umbrella term “nude lip” because it is different for everyone. For me a nude lip is a complimentary color that is slightly darker than my own super-light “peachy-pink” lip tone, and my perfect nude lip leans towards the brownish side rather than a pinkish color.

I am a cool to neutral undertone depending on the season and how “tan” I am, not to confuse everything too much. Here is an article on warm and cool skin tones if you are curious. Back before try-on tools were available we all used samples or just sampled lipsticks from our friends’ collections to see what looked good on us. I look better wearing shades that lean more toward brown because when I go too pink it just doesn’t look natural.

If I try-on a shade that closely matches my skin tone I do not look like a Kardashian, I look like a corpse. Too graphic an image? Sorry! To be honest the Kardashians do wear some great “nude lip looks” that I really like but I am not a huge fan of the looks where the lips very closely match the skin tone. Maybe if I was more tan or liked contouring more but I am not, and I don’t, lol.

Now before the digital makeover tools were all the rage, you would just have to buy and try your lip colors, or go to the store to try-on colors. One of my favorite ways to try on new looks is to do makeup swaps with friends. Just because that lipstick got rejected in your makeup kit doesn’t mean it won’t look great on your best friend (or one of your makeup obsessed little nieces).

I was gifted a rejected NYX lipstick in shade “rootbeer float” from a friend and it became my favorite daily color. I was a chapstick and gloss girl before, so I just wasn’t buying lipsticks or experimenting with densely pigmented lipstick colors. After I saw that I could wear lipstick as a chapstick AND it would give me a more vibrant look, I wanted more! Plus if you wear a lipstick everyday, applying multiple times a day, it doesn’t last long and you end up shopping for more and trying not to run out! *cue shopping*

I am an Avon girl so I was shopping my store for a replacement and I decided to do the try-on tool test to see how well it worked. I decided to purchase 2 shades after digitally “trying-on” all of the lipsticks. The shades I chose were Peony Blush and Sparkling Rose. Although they look very similar in my video the Sparkling Rose shade is a little darker and seems to be a little more brown which is perfect for me. I thought the digital tool was very helpful for finding a lipstick shade I love. Plus it’s a lot of fun to use, you get to try a variety of colors, and you don’t have the color “left-overs” confusing your decisions (like you would if you tried on several actual lip colors in one sitting).

I liked both lip colors but my daughter snatched up my Peony Blush lipstick for her dance recital and I have not received it back. Honestly that one looks better on her anyway and I am still using my Sparkling Rose, so I haven’t tried to track it down yet.

To be honest I also bought another Avon lip product that is even closer to the NYX rootbeer float color, so I probably won’t be asking for the Peony Blush back. If you are wondering, my choice for the best “twin” product for the NYX lipstick is Avon’s “Birthday Balm Lip Crayon” in shade “Birthday Suit“.

Weirdly enough if you look at the pictures on the Avon website it looks like they changed the packaging color of the birthday balm somewhere in it’s journey from ad to manufacturing. So my balm doesn’t look exactly like the image shown on the Avon website. Maybe you could still find the right color but I certainly have gotten confused when shopping for specific products in the past. This is exactly what the try-on tool is here to prevent.

Products always look different when photographed in different lights and beside different colors. The try-on tool is meant for you to see the color pay-off on your own face. This way it makes finding your best color (or colors) a lot easier and you leave a beautiful happy customer. That hopefully wants to come back again and again!

Anyway I hope that this post was able to give you an idea of what this tool can do for you. I also hope the video was helpful. I have a few ideas on how to improve my videos but at the moment I film quick and the kids are always screaming in the background so “voice overs” are a necessity lol. I can’t wait to have a dedicated studio (and more time) but baby steps.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting with me today. I know my page isn’t perfect but done is better than perfect right? *eye twitch* I really do appreciate your support though and, as I learn all these web techniques, I plan to teach them to others so that they can improve their business’ and lives too.

Stay tuned and have a beautiful day!

Kat @AvonOvation

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