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Tips for Buying Adorable Baby Clothes from April Moon

So if you post cutie baby photos on Instagram there is a chance you have heard of April Moon. They found me as I am constantly posting pictures of my beautiful baby girl on IG, just like every other in-love parent lol.

Well April Moon uses an advertising strategy where they partner with Instagrammers, and then offer them a clothing discount on the cutest baby clothes. What?!!! Is it too good to be true?

They even sweeten the deal by offering my followers a 25% discount code, and then I earn a commission if anyone shops through my links. Please read-on for my tips to get the best out of your shopping experience with April Moon, but also don’t forget you can use the code: CRAFTMOON25 at check out to receive 25% off your entire order!

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a review fanatic. When I have questions about products I turn to google, and youtube. I found a lot of negative reviews for April Moon but the clothes were so cute I really wanted to try shopping with them anyway.

Because look at how cute and comfy this is! Rustic Summer Toddler Set $29.99

The 3 main issues I saw were long shipping times (up to 2 months sometimes), sizes being too small, and the quality of clothing varied.

So I ordered clothes for the season ahead, and I made sure to order a size (or 2) larger than my daughter’s US size. I have tall kids so ordering a size up is nothing new to me. Lastly I shopped the clearance and took advantage of that additional discount. I knew I wouldn’t send clothes back if they didn’t work, so I bought 5 fairly inexpensive outfits. I figured I’d be happy with a few of them at least. If any outfits didn’t fit, I planned on giving them away to a smaller kiddo. I have plenty of nieces, and a few nephews, so I knew at least someone would get to wear the clothes I purchased.

With this strategy I figured I would be happy with the overall experience, even if I didn’t love every outfit. Did my experience live up to it’s expectation? Yes!

Poppy $23.99 right now. (Order 2 sizes up if you want this to last awhile).

All of the outfits were stinking adorable. Did I wait a long time for them? Yeah, it took awhile…but if you are like me, you don’t mind a semi-surprise gift from your past self.

I had forgotten most of what I ordered by the time it got here. I was happy to open packages like it was a surprise birthday gift every single time something arrived in the mail!

Were the clothes of the highest quality? No, but I don’t mind clipping a few hanging threads so I was not bothered by that. I did have one outfit that smelled like it was made from recycled materials (which it probably was) but, happily, the smell came out after the first wash.

Was Shopping with April Moon Worth My Time?

I certainly think so. I don’t buy a lot of new clothes in general. I buy 2nd hand items usually and many of our kids clothes are just passed down from friends and neighbors. I am definitely on a budget, but even when I can afford to buy new I still love shopping at thrift stores.

I really appreciate history and vintage items and there are so many great old things out there if you are willing to do a little searching. That being said I was happy to buy some new clothes for once! There is something to be said for having outfits THAT MATCH without putting a lot of effort into it.

Also there are so many cute features on these outfits. Since I’m on a budget I chose pieces that my daughter will wear often. I purchased all sets, no separate pieces this time. I figured she could interchange some of the new pieces with clothes she already has in her wardrobe.

I also looked to see if the pieces would stain easily. I bought a little overall outfit with a white striped shirt. I almost never buy white and if I do, I try to make sure I can tie dye it later.

Ariana $26.99 (This was the one that smelled funny when I opened it. The smell did not last through the wash and I have been amazed how well this white shirt washes. It’s still not stained even after being covered in chocolate lol.)

She wears this overall outfit all the time now, though the warm season is pretty much over so the shorts will be sent off to a cousin soon. This outfit is super cute and worth the price I paid. I couldn’t believe the white shirt made it through to the season’s end without being ruined!

The rest of the outfits I bought had patterns or saturated colors (which help to hide food and dirt stains later). This way I can play with the kids without having to worry so much about them ruining all of their clothes.

I find it easier to enjoy activities if I am not cringing while my children play with pudding or eat dirt! You are now wondering if that was a mistake or if my children really eat dirt… lol and don’t even get me started on drinks that stain clothing! Can you tell I do way way way too much laundry?

Anyway, I am putting tons of thought into the clothes I buy this stage of my life. I was considerate with what I purchased through April Moon and I am very happy with the clothes I received.

Did I mention that every single outfit I ordered fit! I definitely recommend going a size up when you order. I am going to repeat again that SHIPPING CAN TAKE UP TO 2 MONTHS. You are ordering from a Canadian company but the clothes ship from overseas.

Now if you don’t like waiting for shipping, or if you like to return items, you probably won’t enjoy shopping with April Moon. I doubt this is heart-breaking to you as there are new retailers popping up everyday.

Anyway if you do wish to buy some super cute April Moon baby clothes, just remember to buy A SIZE LARGER AND FOR THE SEASON IT WILL BE IN 2 MONTHS. If you do that planning, you should be happy with your purchase.

My favorite! The Ocean Anne $25.99 is silky-soft and made from a light stretchy fabric. This outfit is colorful, and cool, and is comfy enough to hunker down and kiss a kitty ❤

(Sorry my iron is experiencing some performance anxiety and couldn’t make it to this photo shoot…)

So if I haven’t talked you out of shopping yet, make sure you shop those sales and get more for your money! If you order a few different outfits you are bound to love at least a few of them. Even if you don’t end up “Oooooohing” and “Awwwwwing” every single one.

Lastly take advantage of the free shipping. I order a few (to several) outfits at at time because spending over $59 qualifies you for FREE SHIPPING. You can get some really cute outfits for your baby without spending a mint.

This Poppy outfit is so easy. It doesn’t show stains, is made of a comfy cotton-blend, it has snaps on the inner thigh, and the only thinking it requires is what shoes to pair it with.

Happily April Moon’s size range goes up to 3T. That means if you enjoy your 1st shopping experience with April Moon, you can thank me by shopping through my links a 2nd time too. Please do!

Again do give your purchases some thought as to how they will fit and hold up to your kiddos activities. I just want everyone to be happy with the things they purchase for their sweet baby because shopping should be a joyful experience.

OK I think I covered the “need-to-know” list for shopping with April Moon. Feel free to send me any additional questions. I am hoping that this post helps you pick-out some super cute outfits that you and your kiddos will just love!

Hey look, at us being all fearless and stuff. Totally free of stain-worry while my daughter picks black raspberries in her new Rustic Summer Toddler Set $29.99 We love these detailed patterns and the darker bottoms for hiding food and dirt stains. It extends the life of an outfit so much!

Click here to check out this outfit and more at April Moon and use code: CRAFTMOON25 at check out to receive 25% off your entire order! As a bonus I shared links to some of my favorite outfits at the bottom of this post. Did you spot a super cute, absolutely adorable outfit while you were shopping on April Moon? Tell us which one in the comments and share the love!

Thanks so much for reading with me today. I hope that you and yours are staying happy, healthy, and well.

Take care,

Kat @CraftingGlow

***April MoonMy Picks & Purchases***
(In no particular order)

DON’T FORGET: 25% Off Coupon Code: CraftMoon25

Zoey Dean $29.99 (I also purchased this outfit but haven’t gotten a picture of it yet #momlife lol. Hopefully I’ll get to update the post with that photo soon!).

Minimalist Collection (For Natural & Sustainable Options)

Summer Overall Shorts $22.99

Sassy Pants $22.99

October $24.99

Mini Moo $18.99

Merle Star $26.99

Little G $29.99

Hooded Transition Season Jacket $44.99

Prudence $28.99

Jannica Booties $29.99 (With fringe, eeeek so cute!)

Bow Princess Long Sleeves $25.99

Classic Christmas PJ $27.99

Daddy’s Boy $32.99

Chunky Thighs $25.99

Trending PomPom Hat $29.99

D-Ring Baby Sling $49.99

Trendy Stroller Bag $29.99

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