Weird Bugs in My Backyard😭

UPDATE: I was kindly informed that they shed an exoskeleton. While this cricket? looks huge and terrifying it’s a common bug going through a normal process😆 I’m glad this bug turned out not to be so terrifying!

It’s not that I want to terrify others with my backyard bugs but I also can’t help but being curious about what it is that I am living with, or at least in close proximity to.

What is it??!!!!! Whatever this grasshopper, cricket, carp, wasp, alien thing is it looks terrifying! I zoomed in with the camera, and no I’m not getting close enough to photograph it from other angles!

I often think that entomologists would love my backyard. My mom loved Victorian style houses and my dad (the Army guy) liked that it was near a highway and a water source.

Being so close to a creek means that there is a lot of food for the bug population. We hardly ever use weed or bug chemicals because it’s environmentally friendly, but when I come across something like this I waiver on my commitment to such things.

Usually I just end up taking photos and using Google images to figure out if what’s “out there” is dangerous or not. I have kids that play in that yard so I need to know.

This image did not bring up one single similar image on Google lense! Did I discover a new species?! Even if I did I don’t think I would be brave enough to try and catch it. Maybe with the kids’ bug nets but then how would I get it out of the net?😳

Anyhow if anyone could help me out with whether or not this species is dangerous to humans I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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