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Getting Wiggly at Her Food Challenge & the Easiest Allergy-Friendly Desserts

When we took our youngest in to the allergist to confirm her severe allergy to specific tree nuts, we were surprised by reactions to eggs and milk too.

She had severe eczema before cutting out these foods and recently she only gets it if she accidentally eats something on her bad list, if she rolls around in the grass outside, or if she decides to snuggly kitties.

She is starting to get ants in her pants! It’s been 2.5 hours of being calm at this appointment. That is way too long!

They call this appointment a food challenge. She still can’t have most nuts, or milk, but she ate eggs today with no issues. They fed her a bite of plain scrambled eggs every 15 minutes this morning. She wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything else. I wasn’t allowed to add anything to the eggs, even salt.

We read a book to pass some time. I think she got annoyed with us asking how she was feeling so often. I don’t feel much guilt over this though because she is the kid who will ask you if you are OK 6 times in 20 minutes.

She did awesome today though and finished out the appointment watching Peppa Pig and dancing. I’m super glad we can add eggs back into the diet. It’s made baking crazy because when you do gluten free stuff it seems to get very crumbly without eggs.

We did figure out a few easy treats for her while she was still avoiding eggs.

Super-Easy & Allergy-Friendly Sweet Treats

She can eat gluten but often the cake cups have milk or eggs. We bought these King Arthur Gluten-Free Super Fudge Brownie Cups. We actually got them for Billy, who needs to eat gluten-free. We then realized, after reading the ingredients, she could have them too!

The King Arthur Brownie cups are super easy to make in the microwave, and are great to have around. You can also bring them along when their might be a yummy dessert that you or your loved one can’t have. These are also Snap/Ebt eligible, and have a coupon code at the time of this post! It does state on the container that you shouldn’t eat it raw, so definitely cook it.

The other easy baked sweet treat we enjoy (that both of them can have) is Sweet Loren’s cookies. We buy this at Giant Food Stores in the refrigerator section with the other ready-to-bake cookie doughs.

These you can eat raw and it’s delicious! I just saw the other day they had a snack size to eat cookie dough directly out of the container.

We have tried the sugar cookies, the the chocolate chip, and the fudgy brownie. They are all amazing! A lot of people we have served them to, can’t even tell they are gluten, egg, and nut free. All the flavers we have tried are vegan too.

I’ve not had the Oatmeal Cranberry cookies yet, but my family likes oatmeal and oatmeal cookies. I’m pretty positive they will all get eaten up. Probably before they even finish cooling!

Anyhow the point of sharing these products was to tell you how we maintained a happy toddler when we went places where other’s were eating fun tasty treats. It was nice to know that even if we forgot to bring a treat along, we could promise her a dessert she loves, and it wasn’t a ton of work to make. I know a few people who can whip up a phenomenal dessert at the end of a long, busy day. That is not me!

When all else failed there was usually gluten-free oreos, or straight up sugar with artifical coloring (candy) stashed somewhere. The cookies and brownies felt special to her and helped her not feel like she was missing out on too much.

Since it is her birthday week, and she has to eat eggs 3 times a week for a few weeks we will be baking! We have a gluten-free pineapple upside-down cake to make for dad that is seriously over-due. Since we can use eggs I’m hoping it won’t melt. If it does there are always cake cups!

For her birthday she requested a funfetti cake with purple icing. I suggested chocolate icing and purple sprinkles. I have yet to figure out how to make milk-free vanilla icing that tastes right. I’ve only used soy and coconut milk so far though. I finally did find some Rice milk at Weis so I’ll try that in my next attempt.

This blog post at about making dairy-free pudding suggested using rice milk because it had the mildest flavor. This makes me hopeful it might work well for icing! If you have any experience with this let me know!

This week has brought us some great news that the whole family is excited about. Our creative energy will be going towards creating a sparkly purple cake masterpiece for this little cutie’s birthday!

If you have any easy dessert suggestions that are allergy-friendly please leave a comment! I’ve been looking for good dairy-free ice cream. She can have coconut which makes yogurt a little easier but so much of the ice cream has allergen warnings of other tree nuts.

Since that is her more serious allergy we have steered clear of all except for the So Delicious brand, and that is uncomfortable too because they make an alternative ice cream product out of cashews.

She hasn’t reacted though so they obviously do a great job of keeping everything clean and separated. It’s still pretty terrifying though. I read the ingredients every single time I pick it up, and then watch her like a hawk even when it says there’s no “bad for her ingredients” in it.

It’s scary but ice cream is one of her favorites, and it makes her so happy! I wouldn’t be sad to have dairy-free ice cream brands on my list that have nothing to do with tree nuts though!

Desserts are such an amazing comfort food, and it’s very sad when favorites become out of reach. Any dessert suggestions are happily welcomed. You never know how happy it might make someone.

I do hope you and yours are all happy, healthy, and well! Take care, and thanks for reading with me today!

Kat @CraftingGlow

3 thoughts on “Getting Wiggly at Her Food Challenge & the Easiest Allergy-Friendly Desserts”

  1. Interesting what you have to do, always felt my wife qualified as a saint after raising 3 boys! You might be going down that path too. We only have tried Almond milk (mashed potatoes and coffee) and oat milk but that is very sweet so she might try for frosting anyway have a great week!


    1. Almond milk is good and I use it for coffee. Almonds are processed on the same lines as her severe allergies though so unfortunately it’s not a good choice for her. She didn’t love drinking the oat milk or the soy but will use them in cereal.

      I considered my mom a saint for putting up with all of us. Though my kids do get me bent out of shape they also say I’m super patient lol. At least they recognize my efforts! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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