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It Ends With Us: A Quick Review

I had no idea what kind of book It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover was when I started it. I mainly read fantasy, historical fiction, or sci-fi because I want my entertainment to feel really different from my own life. Occasionally I will pick up something different on recommendation, or just because I’ve ended a series and need something new.

Reading Recommendations & a Side Note on Another Book

I requested recommendations on Facebook by asking friends they were reading. I got a few responses, which was plenty because time is limited! It Ends With Us had a months long wait at the library, so I knew it was popular. I requested both the books without reading the descriptions. I’m such a wild child!

The other recommendation was Where the Crawdads Sing, and I did enjoy it. My biggest issue with the book was that it didn’t mention getting eaten by mosquitos near enough to make me feel like it was realistic, in fact I have no memories of her mentioning bugs at all unless they were interacting with larger creatures.

The main character does love the swamp though. Maybe it was easy for her to ignore that fact of life. The rest of the story was good but probably not one that will really stick with me. Except maybe the fact that the main character was never formally educated, but she did educate herself on topics she cared about until she was an expert. That part spoke to my soul.

Thoughts On “It Ends With Us”

I had no idea what I was getting into with this, which can be a fun adventure. At first I thought it was just a romance. I’m going to try and give some details without spoiling it. Somewhere in the book the romance turns dangerous. The main character, who is still in love, must figure out how to navigate this space.

Even though at the beginning I thought the book was going to be a puff-piece romance, I ended up feeling the pain and struggle of the main character Lily. I was on the inside of the thoughts and struggles of a character who was based off of a real person in a bittersweet and terrible love story. I’ve seen how beautiful and strong woman can be entangled in relationships where both love and toxicity exist. To be honest though I’ve never been around people with this level of abuse. It was scary thinking about how a seemingly normal relationship could warp, and the danger could escalate over time.

It’s a book that could definitely trigger someone with abuse trauma, but it is well-thought out, and shows some signs and patterns that could turn problematic.

This book spins a tale of a beautiful “Hallmark-esque” love story that turns tragic with the main character trying to figure out what to do and where to go next. It’s a sexy and steamy story during the best of times, and heart-breakingly sad during the worst.

When someone is in a toxic relationship it’s common to think, “Why don’t they just walk away and leave forever?” This story illustrates that emotions are anything but simple, love can make you or break you, and boundaries might save more than one life.

Hopefully I gave enough away that if you are sensitive to this topic you have an idea of what could be problematic. I was hoping not to give so much away that I ruined the book. It’s a powerful story meant to help people recognize relationships where danger could be brushed under the rug, or seem “reasonable under the circumstances”.

It is a good story, and well-worth the time spent. I definitely think it’s a story that will live in my heart. So if you’ve made it this far definitely check it out! It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover will serve up an exciting and intriguing love story (or 2), and it will definitley make you think about what kind of love story you want for yourself.

Take care out there, and thanks for reading with me today!

Kat @CraftingGlow

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