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I’m Almost Done with Outlander Series😭

I’m on the last book of the Outlander Series and I am excited, terrified, & sad. The last book made me cry when one of the characters of the book died, that’s how attached I feel to the characters at this point.

Each book contains so many stories. It feels like you get so much more out of the Outlander books than you do out of other smaller-sized novels.

Borrowing these books from the library can be an issue because they are so long, & quite popular. I’ve had to wait on a waiting list to get the audiobooks more often than I would have liked.

My borrowed, from the library, audiobook Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone by Diana Gabaldon viewed on my Overdrive app.

I’ve had to return several audiobooks before I’ve finished them. The first time that happened I discovered I had inherited the series from my mom. It was like a gift beyond the grave, & I ended up reading one of her paperbacks to finish the story. I needed to know what happened right now!

I do have this last book as well for when this audiobook runs out. 49 hours in 21 days is a stretch, even when I can work while listening to my audiobook.

I’ve bought a few of the audiobooks because I’m not able to renew the book when others have it on hold, & because I didn’t have time to read the actual book but listening to the audiobook would fit into my schedule.

The audiobooks aren’t cheap but they were well-worth the price for the amount of entertainment I got out of them. I can easily do repetitive tasks for work if my brain is entertained, & time would just fly by as I listened to catastrophes build to a crescendo, & then slowly resolve through the hard work, love, connection, & community of those in this series.

The violence in the books can be very disturbing, but the fragility of the moment, and the true resilience the characters’ possess is very inspiring. Plus there is balance because some adventures are downright hilarious, & I have laughed out loud many times! The duality makes the story seem real because if you love, you also fear loss.

I have so enjoyed this book series! I’m going to have to watch the series when I’m finished with the books.

Maybe I’ll wait for awhile so the details start to fade before I start the TV series. I did that with Discovery of Witches, and I think I enjoyed it more that way. I didn’t listen to A Discovery of Witches audiobook though so you’d have to read the reviews to see if that’s something you are interested in.

What are you reading right now? Would you be happy to watch it as a TV series?

Thanks for reading with me today!

Kat @CraftingGlow

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