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Cute Crochet Gifts (for yourself) or a Fellow Crochetter

*If you don’t feel like reading feel free to scroll down to the products pictures*

I am so excited to be part of the Amazon Affiliate program now. I mean I built a website in order to join, so you bet your home-made blanket I am jumping for joy! So of course the 1st product I would choose to feature would be this super cute crocheting kit.

I know I would love to receive this adorable and versatile crochet set as a gift. This kit has everything a beginner needs but is also a wonderful set for a pro.

I especially love that the ergonomic handles are comfortable and good for those with carpal tunnel and arthritis.

I also appreciate the stitch markers in this kit because I am not a huge fan of counting stitches. Clip on markers are something I haven’t bought for myself…yet!

So far I have been “making do” marking stitches with safety pins or just throwing caution to the wind, not counting at all (or very little) and being surprised at how swell my project comes out (or throwing it in a dark corner of my house to hide in shame until I fix it).

Call me crazy but I enjoy the process of crocheting as well as making beautiful projects. I don’t treat every project so carelessly but it is fun to live dangerously once in awhile. Anyway the part of crochet I would love to get under control is my needles!

Experienced crafters know how well crochet needles are able to hide in bundles of yarn and unfinished projects lol.

I don’t know how many crochet needles I have lost in my craft bags, even when I was still housing my needles in the cardboard packaging they came in. What can I say, they just like to travel.

Cue the cute little carrying case for tucking all your crochet supplies into a pretty little bag!

Well now you know what I want for Christmas but this is not a solely selfish post. I have many crafty friends and family that I know would love this as a gift.

So if you have a creative friend or family member with a birthday coming up consider their crafting needs! If nothing else looking at craft supplies should lead you to some great ideas. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out a few other ideas for crochetters, I saved my favorite for last of course lol.

Do you have a “go to” gift for your crafty friends? What types of gifts do you like to buy for your creative family members? Leave it in the comments because we are always looking for great new ideas!

More Yarn is Always a Good Present!

How About a Yarn Ball Winder?

Another Cute Set…

Pom Pom Maker for Easy Hat Toppers & More!

Giant Crochet Hooks for Big Yarn Are So Fun!

Here is an Electronic Stitch Counter!

And the Last One Is…

A Beautiful Ring with Spinning Numbers!!! (To mark row count)

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